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Re: Hi everyone!
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Re: Hi everyone!

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Posted by Margaret ( on July 15, 2003 at 18:05:30:

In Reply to: Re: Hi everyone! posted by The4Blob (Raz) ( on July 15, 2003 at 10:23:28:

***How old are your kids? Do you like having them? Did you meet your husband here? What made him move to here from there?
It's pretty nice in Bucks and Montgomery County. Although I am so eager to move to either Pike or Wayne County, I often feel like ditching it all and just leaving and not coming back. Too bad real life has to have consequences. Otherwise I already would have.
I still think about how I can though. I don't think I can actually wait a whole other year over here.
Even trying to talk myself into getting the biomed MS degree and then working for a good job, even that idea, still doesn't make me want to stay here either anymore. I don't think the thought of me spending a whole year in school full time, especially in a city, I could actually live with. All I want to do is just go up north.
If it wasn't for that darn lease contract, I would be there right now. I already quit my steady job, (agaist my wishes, but oh well), and have not found a new one yet, I'm not even motivated to find one here. All I want to do is just go up north and find a new job there and live there.

I try to tell myself, look at what I could do if I stayed here. I could get a job working at concession stand in Lincoln Field and be able to see Eagles games for free, that would be fun. Who knows, what if I got to get some Eagle tickets for free, woulnd't that be cool?

But then, the other part of me says, look, what if I died next year, before ever going where I prefer, then what? I stayed here for nothing? I don't know. I just wish I could leave here and just go up there somehow. I wish I could think of something. I don't know what to do anymore. What do you think?

If you don't get my eamil, let me know, I could always re-send it, or if you're too busy, or something, don't worry, but hope you keep in touch. Sorry if I'm talking about my problems too much. But I like to hear about you and your situation too, since it seems we are both struggling with similiar situations. And it's always good to have support. Figuring out where to go next to advance our future, do what we want to do, plus get paid (adequately) for it. Take care, Margaret :)

> > > My job history stinks too. Raz, I just emailed you. You know, that philly college that offers a MS degree in biomed writing, it's too expensive, but I was thinking if I could get a clerical type job at a pharm co that offers tuition, then I could get them to finance it and then after a couple of years, start making decent salary with the degree. The only problem is, I also want to move up northeast PA next year and live up there year round because it's so wonderful, pretty and peaceful. Also, I might want to go to school to be a surgical assistant or if that's too hard, maybe take medical transcription office class and work in med office, but that is also low paying, unfortunately. I just wish I had some way to finance living up north year round, it's so pretty up there. Also, I wonder, if your husband is from WI, he must think the same thing about rural PA. It reminds me so much of WI where my family is also from too ( which is why I must like it so much:)

> >>>>>>>I'll have to check my email tonight!

> >>>>>>>>>>My husband is dying to move out of Philadelphia into Bucks or Montgomery County. Right now my daughter is at Girl Scout camp in Gilbertsville, and it is really pretty around there, while still being convenient to Philadelphia (maybe an hour drive at most from city).

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