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speaking of pursuing personal desires,
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speaking of pursuing personal desires,

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Posted by Margaret ( on July 23, 2003 at 19:27:53:

In Reply to: Stop being sensible posted by Rho ( on July 23, 2003 at 13:00:20:

But what if what you desire is to live on waterfront property so you can go swimming everyday after work and never have to drive to a beach again ever, just walk in your backyard and there it is?
And have the water and the beach there every day for the rest of your life, and never have to be far away from it ever again?
And what if you are fascinated by hydroplanes and watching speedboats, and want to someday ride one your own?
And what if you've always wanted to ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson with a guy you are in love with driving it?
And ride out far away somewhere in the woods and just go camping and boating with him in the outdoors in the summer sometime?
And what if all you want is a peaceful life, just peace of mind, and relaxation?
I'm a lake person, a summer person, an outdoors person, I love the sun, to be on the lake, with boats, sun, thick green forests, hills, PA is such a beautiful state, I don't want to leave here.
However, driving up north is starting to be too far a drive for me on the weekends all the time.
I need to find some body of water closer, but at the same time large enough to have speedboats on.
I realize I am close to the ocean, however, I have some reservations with that fact that what if it did not provide the feeling of seclusion and solitude a heavily forested lake can provide, and also what about the stinging fish and sharks that can kill you?
That's why I had reservations about it. However, what is happening now is that I am starting to run out of living options. In my (nationwide) search, I have found only two lakes big, beautiful, (especially the PA one) and secluded enough to live on.
However, to live year round at either of those, would require somewhat a drive to work as wel as night school, and the jobs around it aren't that great of pay either, (because the population is not quite as plentiful to begin with).
So, now I look on the map again, and see how close I am to something else. I did not realize how close I was to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Although it still might have stingers and sharks, maybe I'm thinking the bay would be little safer, and still retain somewhat of seclusion feeling in some areas, but I don't know for sure. I have to go see in person.

This weekend I will drive down there for a change and check it out. My long term plan for the future is to go back to school at night for a local college Physician Assistant program right by the bay and also maybe work at a office job nearby during the daytime. Also, there are enough people to make a bigger job market than the other two lake communities further north.

So now I am looking forward to this, because I really need to find a place to stay and live year round for a while, until I get all my night school (I have to take a zillion science classes and some math to be in the career direction I want to go, but it's where my interest is and where I want to go, so I don't mind, howevre, I am scared of how hard it might be, and how long [will take several years]I might end up taking, because I have to start out with basic classes before I can take the harder classes).

But that's also why it's important for me to find a beachfront home to live on year round, that is really close to a school with science and health care classes, because what I want to pursue is goin to take several years, and I want to spread out the classes over a long period of time because I want to take other time off to enjoy myself in the meantime.
So this weekend, I look forward to going down south and checking it out.

Although I did check out Atlantic City College and they do have a lot of the health care (nursing too) and science classes there I could take (I'm talking about pre-req classes that will take years before I go to a full time med school 2 yr program to be a physician or surgeon assistant.

However, if those doctor assistant programs don't turn out I still will need the science and medical classes to pursue my second option which is biodmed writing. SO that's why I'm going back to shool long term either way. I went to the school that has a MS degree program that specializes in that to see if I could jump in that program right now, hoever, it was way too technical and way too advance for someone who has zero science background. I definitely have to go back to school and get all my pre-reqs out the way before I get any MS degree.

The BA degree I have now, I somehow managed to maneuver getting with only taking one earth science and fundamental math class. I think most other BA programs required more science and math. That's what I missed and have to go back for now. But as long as it puts me in the direction I want ot go in the future career wise and as long as I can study by a lake or on a beach, then I'm good to go.

And yes, it would also be nice if I could be with an intimate who I love.

And hopefully, I will come to these things soon.

> stop looking at other peoples lists! Look at yourself. What do you love? that's all that counts, even if you think that *you* can't do it, even if you think it needs a degree, whatever.

> You need to go back, take back the thing you love, that all the sensible, reasonable, safe approach to life took away from you, go find it again, get it back, hold on to it and start doing it now. You won't be able to start at the top - you might not be able to quit your day job right away, but the only thing that counts is your heart and what makes you HAPPY to do. You are a 4!!

> There is a book called "Its only too late if you don't start now" by Barbera Sher. Its all about clearing the junk and the resistance away & sustaining doing the thing you need to do, the thing you should have done all along, but the safe choices, family etc got in the way.

> > h Actor
> > h Artist
> > h Architect
> > h College Professor: Humanities/Art
> > h Counselor
> > h Educational Consultant
> > h English Teacher
> > h Fine Arts Teacher
> > h Librarian
> > h Musician
> > h Psychiatry
> > h Religious Educator
> > h Social Scientist
> > h Speech Pathologist
> > information-graphics...designer
> > college professor
> > researcher
> > legal mediator
> > social worker
> > holistic health...practitioner
> > occupational therapist
> > diversity manager
> > human resource...development specialist
> > employment development...specialist
> > minister/priest/rabbi
> > missionary
> > psychologist
> > writer: poet/novelist
> > journalist
> > editor/art director
> > presentation designer
> > organizational development...specialist
> > Physician: Pathology

> > This is the list of "ideal" I came up with after researching both Enneagram Type 4 and INFP.

> > I have a head start -- I already have the Journalism degree, 9 years of full-time work in print and web communications, and current business card with "Editor" title.

> > I am starting to get excited about this -- a new phase in life -- I've been bored and terribly depressed by my current job.

> > I saw the other post about someone having questions about Social Workers -- I don't have any answers, that will be one of the fields I check out.

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