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Re: to Margaret
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Re: to Margaret

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Posted by Margaret ( on July 23, 2003 at 19:48:32:

In Reply to: to Margaret posted by The4Blob ( on July 21, 2003 at 09:40:32:

Interesting how you say women expected to be "only" nurses or teachers.
These days both pay pretty well. Also, nursing requirements today are increasingly more like doctor requirements. The days you only needed so little school to get licensed (as well as teach) are over. Nowadays both professions require extensive schooling and rigourous testing.
I think I'm going to go back to night school to get all my science classes that I never took, but blew off, taken care of, because I would like to practice as a Physician and/or Surgeon Assistant - who are just like doctors and perform surgery, but have to be supervised because the schooling is not as long. The med writing, if I don't make it to any of the med school programs, got pushed back to second option. At least I will have then the science background enough to be better at it than I would if I did it now. Now it would be too tough. I definitely need to go back to school. I will go to Maryland shore this weekend to check out where I should move next.

You are right about comparing yourself with others. In the end, it doesn't matter what anyone else has really, when it comes down to it - just as long as you are happy and satisfied and are doing what you want with your life and are pleased with it and have internal peace with yourself which is what enables you to share love, joy, peace and happiness with your fellow humans eventually as the path of life unfolds down the road.

> My experience has been different but with some key items shared.

> If anything, mine is more comical or maybe I just have gotten over being upset by it. But I can look around at my peers -- relatives and former friends and classmates -- and they have houses, new cars, etc., and I don't. What makes my situation comical is that I was supposed to be the brainy one who would rise above my working class neighborhood and have the whole upper middle class (maybe upper class?) scenario -- they expected me to be lawyer, dr., professor, or an award-winning writer or something big. The "average" or "dumb" (please don't take offense at my politically incorrect language, that's how we categorized everyone back then in school years) went right from high school into blue collar union jobs or, for the ladies, nursing and teaching were common.

> Now the "average" and "dumb" people of my past have the nice houses and nice cars and the summer home on South Jersey shore -- AND I DON'T! I can get really resentful when I think of someone like my friend's sister who lives in a huge house in Bucks County -- because she was pretty and right out of high school "caught" a contractor who made good money.

> But my path has been unique and I would be bored to death with some of the other paths -- even thought those other paths led to having material success by age 40.

> You have travelled, that's something to consider a positive. I lived in NYC and flopped when I tried to make it freelance but still I wouldn't give up my time in NYC for anything. You probably have gifts that you have to figure out how to utilize -- good listening skills and empathy, which could lead to a counseling career? And what about your idealism and desire to help others via writing about medical advances in pain treatment, something you have mentioned before?

> I'll write more later -- my boring job beckons --

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