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shyness vs introversion
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shyness vs introversion

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Posted by schrips ( on July 23, 2003 at 22:28:15:

I was wondering if other fours have been very shy as children (or still are)...Obviously, fours are introverted by nature, but I think shyness is learned through fear, while introversion is just a natural inclination. For example, just being a quiet person is not necessarily shyness, but being quiet because you are afraid to express yourself is. According to my parents, before age 5 or 6 I was generally quiet but completely willing to approach strangers. After that I became PAINFULLY shy. I remember being afraid even to order at a restaurant myself because I thought if I spoke, the waiter and everyone else around me would be able to see that something was horribly, horribly wrong with me. When I first came out as queer a couple years ago, I attributed this feeling to a subconcious awareness that something was "wrong" with me. But now I'm wondering if this was just a ego fixation thing. I'm still quiet and take a while to warm up to people, but am no longer in that terrified state... Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do you think this is indicative of any particular subtype? Social comes to mind...but when I took the similar minds test it came back as a sexual subtype (then again, it also said I was a six). BTW, I just figured out I was a four last week, after thinking I was a five for a couple years. It's funny how it hit me with this "aha" kind of clarity...I wonder how I didn't realize it sooner. ;)

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