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Re: me me me
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Re: me me me

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Posted by The4Blob ( on July 28, 2003 at 12:02:02:

In Reply to: me me me posted by Dee ( on July 28, 2003 at 10:24:15:

> Hi
> I'm a Type 4 &2. Yikes!!!!!!! This explains alot! I live in a messy apartment, am 34, attractive, single and friggin going nuts! I look like I live in a condo, have good fashion sense, and am the nicest person you'd ever want to know. Tell me your problems and I'll listen and tell you I love you but don't misunderstand me or judge me because I'll never talk to you again, at least not for the next 24 hours. My past relationships have been with Type 3's, which means I end up last on their list. I need to be first. I want to see you everyday and night and you must tell me I'm pretty and stare at me at all times. LOVE ME!!!!!! I'm also creative and if was discovered would be a millionaire and own a mansion und a yacht!
> I need down time or suffer from tension headaches and a bloated stomach. I want to be taken seriously and constantly feel that I'm being looked at by men as a sexual being, and sometimes like this. I put on makeup to go downstairs to the store to buy cigarettes. I cry everyday and long for my dreams of having a house, car and a pug. Oh, I want two kids as well. They will be everything I couldn't be and will be loved and disiplined correctly. I need to do the dishes but don't because I don't feel like it right now. HELP!!!!

>>>>>>>You are asking for help but I'm not sure where you need the help. If your apartment is messy, then either clean it or accept it the way it is and stop worrying about it. I despise housework but I set aside housework time every day -- for 7 years now -- and the place is still a pigsty but livable. It's not going to change much while I have two small monsters running around and tearing it up.

If you dream of house, car, pug, and two kids, I suggest you start by earning a living. If you actually cry over this, then I don't know what -- also, obviously, stop going for Type 3 men if they've been a problem. If you want to be taken seriously but constantly feel you are being looked at as a sexual being by men -- uh, that's generally how men look at young attractive women, or else they (men) ignore them (unattractive women). Find women who will take you seriously, and find a job where your co-workers take you seriously, and don't use work as a dating game or you won't be taken seriously.

What else? Why do you cry every day, are you bored?

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