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Posted by Randy ( on July 29, 2003 at 07:31:34:

In Reply to: Thank God for Headphones! posted by Lakhesis ( on July 29, 2003 at 01:09:33:

It's so cool to hear from others that experience
similar things.

I also am very big into Radiohead, and was listening
earlier to "Optimistic" over and over again. I like
that it sounds so sad, but says something so positive.
Last night I downloaded a bunch of Depeche Mode. I
am convinced the Dave Gahan is a 4. Of course there
have been so many times when I have listened more to
the mood of the music than the actual words, and then
when I actually analyze what the artist is saying,
it's completely different from my own interpretation
of it. Seal said in the liner of one of his albums
that he doesn't print the lyrics precisely for that
reason. I thought that was really cool.

I really like to load up my Winamp with a bunch
of songs that have the same mood, and let it play over
and over again. Mood is also very important to me as
well. I can be very picky about what I play, and it
can, at times, take me painfully long just to decide
what I want to hear because of the mood it can put me
in, or the mood I want to BE in. I picked up an
Enneagram book tonight called "Personality Types"
by Riso/Hudson. I'm finding so many things in it to
help me actualize myself and move towards a healthier
4. They mention in there about trying to move past
defining ourselves by the moods we have, and stop trying
to recreate our inner landscapes before we go out into
the world. I like the way they describe a high level
healthy 4 as allowing themselves to enjoy being
redefined in each moment. They say that to be able to
renew the self constantly is the highest form of creativity.
I would love to be able to let myself be whatever my
mood calls for each day and each moment more than I do,
rather than getting stuck on thinking that somehow I've
lost my identity because I'm not feeling a certain way.

Lol...right now I'm listening to the drumloop from
"I Don't Care Anymore" by Phil Collins play over and
over in one of my music software programs. I want to
do this as a cover song, so I'm trying to figure out
where I want to go with it.

I am new to both the Enneagram and this site.
I had heard of the Enneagram years ago, but
thought I had experienced all of the personality
testing type things there were. Myers-Briggs
holds nothing to the accuracy of the Enneagram.

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