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Making a happy living (esp 4 Raz62 & Margaret)
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Making a happy living (esp 4 Raz62 & Margaret)

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Posted by The4Blob (Raz62) ( on July 29, 2003 at 14:29:01:

Posted by Rho ( on May 25, 2003 at 23:35:37:

"I've met 3 people who were truly happy with and connected to what they were doing. Two are sucsessful recording artists, one is a journalist. The journalist is a 4w3, which might explain how he tolerates the office environment. (He's a lot more willing to do what it takes to suceed, and the established structure makes his achievments more quickly known)

Anyway, this guy is Turkish, and he's kind of mystical, and political. So he writes a colum about the different problems of his country. He's young, and he gets mail from college students about his colums. He loves to write, he wants to write a novel some day, and he wants to see his country improved. So he combines his passions with his lively-hood.

One of the singers is from Algeria. He's a 6. He is also very passionate about the problems of his country (he's very brave, too). He also loves to perform for people. He's actually quite sucessful. He told me - "If I want, I can take a month off" so he really has a lot of control over his life. I'm betting he's a 6, but a 6 INFP or something like it. A lot of shy people go into performing arts as a compensation/defense.

The last guy is a 4w5, but I don't know if he's INFP or not. I didn't talk to him to much about his career. We wing-5 bonded talking about politics and philosophy. He's just got a great job - write songs, sell them, travel & perform them.

All 3 of these people share one thing. They have not separated themselves from the thing they really want to do. Look, if we are all 4s & Infps, then we are probably artistic, or we want to do something to make things better, something we can feel connected to. My point is that if the professional world - the drudgery & soul-killer life in an office is getting you down, you have to get out. And that means finding the thing you are really supposed to do now matter how crazy it seems and pursue it, instead of pushing yourself and pushing yourself to fit in.

For example, Raz62, you studied journalism. Why? what was your motivation - was it a real motivation, or was there something else yoiu really needed to do?

Margaret, you haven't mentioned much in the way of your background so I'm not going to guess too much.

I was working in a software company for 3 years. I got to be fairly sucessful (by reading business books about how to handle the 'game'!) but it also became a soul-killer for me and it was a relief when I got laid off. NOw, no matter how hard it is, even if it kills me, I will make a living in music. That is the only way I can stay sane. I think the unhappiness most of us (4/infp-s) have at work is not a question of coping skills or personality or whatever. It is because weneed to be doing work that is more true to who we are. It may take some time to fully recover the person one is supposed to be, but getting to that point will make life better. At least, that's how it seems to me."

I bumped this to the top because I need to be reminded that all of this craziness I feel when I'm at this job is NOT because I am a defective person, it's because this place is so wrong for me.

Still, does any 4 relate to being put in a decidedly un-fourish environment and then being socially ostracized and not knowing why? And I mean AFTER high school; I'd expect that stuff from high school kids, but we are all 23+ in this office! (There's another gathering after work and the woman who initiatied it pointedly ignored me as she called to people in the hallway.) It is unbelievable, and no one is saying anything out loud about it. I believe I must have done something specific to alientate these people but I can't think of it. There are 6 people here whom I trust and who are not involved at all in the aforementioned socializing, then there are 5 more who I am wary of, and the REST (about a dozen), I SPIT ON!

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