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Reply....I will email you... nt (:
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Reply....I will email you... nt (:

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Posted by emoot(: ( on July 30, 2003 at 09:13:18:

In Reply to: Re: I'm in a weird mood..... but posted by stephanie ( on July 29, 2003 at 21:56:37:

> Wow, you hit the nail on the head and made alot of great points. I know it may sound old, but I know you can really relate to these situations that I'm going through. About the job thing, I guess I'm slowly starting to see the bigger picture of it all. I guess I just try to hurry everything up and put everything together really quick to make a picture, when in fact I'm maybe "scrambling" up everything. Maybe I just need to step back and take a deep breath and do some serious soul searching. I've let fear run my life for the longest time. Fear of everything and everyone, and I know I just have to refuse to deal with it anymore. Do you live without fear? How have you dealt with it? Is it really just-"just do it" and not think about it?

> Your number three vice is one of BIGGEST downfalls. I've been comparing myself to others for a very long time. I think that must be a very hard thing to stop doing. I should try to do that as well. I think I would feel more at peace at myself mentally. That is a great idea. I do have a weird thing that I do though sometimes, like say I meet someone who is smart, attractive and a female like me. I think to myself well, I'm better than her anyways. I feed these thoughts into my head like, well I know a different language, I have thicker hair-anything to make myself feel better and to not feel threatened. But that is not the same thing as just stop comparing all together is it? No, I guesss it's not. I just thought that thinking that I'm better was BETTER than thinking Oh God, she is so perfect and I'm such a loser. So, are you saying that when you meet someone who have may have "special" qualities that no little red flags go up? No heartbeat uping a beat?

> I get the feeling that you are a strong person with alot of experience and I plan to take in any advise or points that people who can relate to me will provide. I'm so grateful. After I read your post I was just thinking wow, this person knows what she is talking about and I just feel happy that this opportunity does exist. Thank you. Stephanie

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