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Re: Getting Shut Down!
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Re: Getting Shut Down!

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Posted by schrips ( on August 01, 2003 at 21:55:09:

In Reply to: Getting Shut Down! posted by savvy ( on August 01, 2003 at 19:06:17:

I've had this kind of thing happen to me, too (I think...you don't give too many concrete details). My issue with "friends" who ended up hurting me was due to a few reasons. Partly, I have trouble making friends in the first place, so I tend to want to hold onto friendships even after my intuition has told me that they've tended to sour. Also, my own emotions clouded my judgement about certain people. I also had the tendency to befriend people that really didn't like me for me (becuase this supported my own feelings of zero self-worth). Thankfully, I'm not doing that as much anymore. Depending on the e-type of your friends, they may simply be uncomfortable with your emotionally-charged reactions and your need for an emotional response...they might not be intentionally trying to hurt you, but are just scared to confront you. This happens with me and my brother all the time--very, very frustrating. He (a six) also tends to think that nothing major HAS happened after an argument, and just lets the issue drop without an apology, discussion, etc. Which is also very frustrating b/c I just keep stewing. Hopefully, your problem is just some kind of misunderstanding and not vindictiveness or anything worth losing friends over. Good luck! :)

> I have noticed that people who are supposed to be my friends or people who I consider to be my friends, turn around on me. They start acting strange all of a sudden.I try to figure out what I could have done to bring it on and get into a deep analytical phase. All their other friends seem to know what's going on But ME! and when I confront them abt it they pretend like nothing happened. I don't understand why the HELL don't these people come to me, if they have a problem with me and sort it out, instead of getting other people involved and leaving me guessing who started and ended the whole thing.

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