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Re: Dont take it personally...
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Re: Dont take it personally...

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Posted by Margaret ( on August 02, 2003 at 14:03:42:

In Reply to: Dont take it personally... posted by Yeliz ( on August 02, 2003 at 12:46:19:

***Well I agree, although easier said then done, in the end, it does absolutley no good to beat yourself up when many the times it's either the 'system', or other people who put you in situations that are discomforting to you.
However, on the other side, fact is, we all have to make a living one way or another, and living in an imperfect world, I guess the best thing to do is just do the best you can with what you have wherever you're at during work hours, and afterwards, just get out of there as fast you can, don't llok back, don't carry it around with you in your head, jsut focus on something else after work. Get, build, develop a life outside work that you can seek gratitude and enjoyment from because at least during off-work hours, that is the only time you have to enjoy the most the freedom and leisure to not feel like you "owe" someone something, whether it's 'socializing with others in a way that satisfies them in order to please the way your boss wants you to interact with others in his office in order to keep your job' or whatever.

I personally am still waiting to hear if I will get any offers from a couple of jobs I would like to have fulltime ideally, but am at least on my second assignment doing more temp work in meantime which is better than nothing. I think I pretty much chucked working for Lincoln FInancial Filed, however, because in order to work there for Eagles games, you also have to work a bunch of other evets which is too many hours and would interfere with my day job, but oh well, at least it was worth an attemtp.

Meanwhile, as far as the weekends go, this is the first cloudy one which is why I am not some outside excursion now, although I will probably still go out somewhere when I'm done writing this. However, having gone to MD Cheseapeake Bay the other weekend, although Annaoplois was interesting kind of like a miniture Wash DC, it was okay, but not really all that great becasue practically no beaches and also too highly populated beyond my comfort level, but at least I got my curiousity stisfied.

Welcome all new people to the boards. Good to hear new voices.

> A couple of days ago I discovered this forum and decided to read some of the things that have been posted by you guys. Unbelievable, I thought for myself....so many strangers from all over the world in one forum, who have more in common with me then any of the people I have in my life.

> There's something I'd like to share with you guys in return:

> A couple of months ago I started working at the airport in Zuerich (Switzerland) as a sales agent for Avis. Even though I was happy with my work, my co-workers gave me a very hard time feeling accepted from day one, which infact gave me sleepless night's at times.

> From my past experience I learned not to take things like that personal - how could I, they did not even give me a chance to become personal in the first place.
> Every time I had to remind myself that those narrow minded losers (I got really bitter towards the end) must feel threatened by everything and everyone new that enters their lives...so in this case - me!!

> In the end I became so withdrawn into myself that all I did was doing my job and ignore the rest, which was so much against my personality but I just didn't know what else to do.

> The best, or should I say the saddest part is still to come.
> In the end, one of the girls went to my boss to complain about me being so disinterested on socializing with them!!! As a result of that, my boss (the biggest looser) called me into his office and simply told me to either adapt myself to their rules, even if I think its politically incorrect, or else......I leave the rest to your imagination.

> He did not even give me a chance to explain my side of the story!!

> What really got to me was that I let those people influence my mood so much and granted them to suck all the life out of my vain's.
> Getting hammered with so many unjustified accusations on a daily basis - in the end I forgot everything that I thought I had learned in the past and made a personal issue out of it.

> Until, one of the part-timers, with whom I had a good relationship, told me exact those words:

> "Yeliz, there are people they live in a very small world - try to accept it not enlarge it.
> Thus are narrow minded people - don't try to widen their view on life just except it the way it is unless they ask you to do otherwise.
> Those co-workers aren't "bad" people or have a "bad" personality, they are simply captured in a small world and every new thing that enters this, already too small space, freaks them out.
> If their behavior still effects you so much, then what's the differents between you and them"?

> After having digested all that has been said to me by this friend - I wish to all of you such honest friends - I found the long lost peace again.

> If next time someone treats you disrespectful then all you have to do is remind yourself that if it wasn't you standing at the wrong spot at the wrong time, it would be some other person.

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