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Re: And someone else seems like a 9
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Re: And someone else seems like a 9

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Posted by schrips ( on August 02, 2003 at 15:32:41:

In Reply to: Re: And someone else seems like a 9 posted by Margaret ( on August 02, 2003 at 13:42:17:

Why aren't there boards for all the other types? I agree that people should be able to read and post whereever they feel like it (although it is nice when they id there type), but I think only having type specific boards fo 4 and 5 does cause problems. Particularly for 9s as Margaret has described...but I think for other types as well. I think people may see just a dichotomy between thinking and feeling and see themselves as either a 4 or 5, not exploring the other types. They can misidentify and not grow through books, etc or from being able to talk to people with their own e-type. Even if the boards end up being used less than the 4 or 5 (which I suspect they will b/c I think other types are less likely to be quite so drawn to them) I think they are needed. Personally, reading how 4 and 5s posted (and recognizing how likely I was to post similar messages) was just as helpful as simple descriptions in typing myself.

> > I guess I should email these people privately.

> Thank GOD I am FINALLY not the only to notice this enough to bring it up.

> I can count 4 people who over the past few years were regulars and were all 9s but "took on" the steroetype of a 4 (probably because there is no 9 board, they ended up "latching" themselves onto the 4 board) and one of them still posts here still thinking she is a 4, even though everything about her says 'nine'.

> I tried telling 3 of them I thought they were nines not fours, but they all brushed it off nonchalantly as typical nines do (as opposed to getting hot and bothered like fours would) saying thanks, but no thanks I'm pretty sure I'm a four, and then just let it go.
> Of course, one of them ended up later saying "gee, at first I thought I was a four *because that's what my sister told me* I was, but now someone else just told me I'm a seven, *so I guess I'm a seven now*". I tried telling her she was a NINE for god's sake (who typcially as a nine didn't know herself), but again, nonchalantly in the typical nine way, just brushed it off, totally not even hearing a word I said (whereas a Four would have a very hard time NOT 'hearing' this).

> She doesn't post here anymore but I bet anything, she's still walking around somewhere today (in Australia, where she's from) still thinking she's a seven, still not realizing she's a nine.

> I guess the biggest problem I have with people who are other types who come on here for whatever reason, most likely because they don't have a board thier own, end "taking on" the stereotype of a four and then post here as if they were Fours are when they start attributing thier Nine characteristics as if they were Four characteristics and that ends up creating a "gross misrepresentation".

> Coming on here as another type and saying that you share (or do not share as many times is the case) qualities or issues with fours is one thing, that's fine and okay, as we may (or may not) have similar life experiences and it's nice to share with others and so on, HOWEVER, coming on here and making a blanket statement such as "Fours have a hard time knowing who they are, so 'we' end up *attaching* ourselves onto things so we can have an identity" absolutley is such massive, HUGE, gross misrepresentation to the umpteenth degree because the LAST thing Four needs is to get "stuck" in some kind of "attachment" to some kind of "brand" or "identity" or whatever, that would only end up smothering, squooshing, and smooshing us to suffocation. The LAST thing a Four needs is "attachment". Just thinking aobut it makes me feel sqooshed, squeezed, and suffocated, having someone "brand" or " mark" something stamped on my head. I need space, room, INDEPENDENCE, not "attachment" for god's sake.

> Anyway, my point is, I have no problem with others comeing on here as long as they IDENTIFY themselves as another type, however, Coming on here as another type and attributing THEIR type onto OUR four, making such horrendous gross misrepresentation, THAT is what really makes this highly unsettling.

> So even though it's not something that's *really* bad, deep down inside I just wish there was some way to get these other types to stop taking up all the Four 'space' because again when they assume they are like me and start talking about me as if I was one of them, when they are clearly NOT anything like me, all it feels like as if they were literally on top of me squooshing me and all I want is to get "off" of me because it feels literally being squished out of your OWN space. I mean, why can't they just get their own board and assume their OWN identity, their OWN type, their OWN space? Something their OWN. Why is that so hard for them? I don't know.
> But then again, we live in an imperfect world, and such is life, so what can you do?

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