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I know you did not ask me.
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I know you did not ask me.

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Posted by ZZTech2003 ( on August 03, 2003 at 00:01:01:

please let me tell you guys something. The sad truth is nobody likes anybody too very much in this world. The sad fact is people just dont like people. Nobody likes anybody very much. The truth is all this stuff about raceism and crap. Negros dont like negros very much at all. Mexicans dont like mexicans. Chinese dont like Chinese. And us whites for sure dont like each other. People will group together aginst a common enemy but this dont mean they especially like each other. People have not liked each other from the beginning of recorded time. All religions are founded upon the basis that something is severely lacking in our makeup that needs to be filled. The greatest commandment is "Love thy brother as thyself" this is born out of the fact we dont like each other as humans and causes the demise in our personal consciousness that needs to be restored. Nearly all the problems the world over are because of the fact humans dont like humans. They dont like members of their own race and other races even less. We all just flat out write each other off for the slightest infraction on our senceabilitys. Not a bit of patience with each other becuse we are well fed and housed and dont need each other.

So you dont like each other hun? Well, suprise suprise join the level of the most common consciousness on Earth. Here you are in a enneagram discussion room with all the information to help you rise above the common unicogmental stream of common consciousness and what do you do? fall back in emotional knee jerk reactions.

Do you really want to be counted among the most common sort on Earth causing all the problems? Are we men with penicillin in our hands dieing of infections and wont take it?

Yea, I know you dont like each other.. and now you probelby dont like me either. Will the palistian's ever love or even like the Jews? Nah.

We enneatypes dont like each other either? So do we enneastudents join the world parade of dislikeing each other like the rest of the world?

Yea, I know, "Who asked you?" I know you did not ask.. I just want you to look at it.. the world. No body likes anybody out there. are we to be the same in here? In a enneagram chat room? full of knowlage about our innerrelatedness? people just dont like each other, do they? Lets open our eyes and see if does not profit us to cultavate anger and dislike towards one another like the rest of the world out there.

Come let us reason together...

Famous last words of Roman senet..

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