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once again you remind me of my NTP sister..nt
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once again you remind me of my NTP sister..nt

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Posted by emoot(: ( on August 04, 2003 at 15:54:47:

In Reply to: Re: I have suspected ADD for a long time.... posted by The4Blob ( on August 04, 2003 at 13:24:23:

> >>>>>>Just my gut reaction to this post:

> I often wondered WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? and ADD is one of the many many conditions out there that I considered.

> I don't know why I use the part tense -- I STILL wonder what's wrong with me . . .

> I am an INXP but, unlike you, I was VERY fortunate up until college to be in a kind of family/church environment where everyone knew I was extremely intelligent so they ALSO accepted the rest of the package -- which was, I was passive (mostly in a daydream), disorganized, unassertive so not good at group projects, and other problems that come with the INFP or INTP types. I graduated high school as a National Merit Scholar with the highest SAT scores in my class, but NOT with the highest GPA, in fact, I was about 20th on the list in a class of 120 (private Catholic school with very smart classmates). I also almost did NOT make it into the National Honor Society for Senior year, but a teacher who believed in me took my case to the principal and they overrode the votes of the other teachers -- evidently, the majority of the voting teachers thought I was too passive, no leadership material. (Ummmm, yeah, I guess that's what happens when you are an INXP Type 4 on an academic scholarship so the other (popular, wealthy) girls treat you like shit . . .)

> Anyway, I got a BA in Journalism from Temple U. but with average grades (3.0 GPA). I didn't worry because I was very busy in college, worked part-time through the school year and full-time (lifeguard) in summers, plus had lots of BOYFRIENDS! and went out drinking and dancing alot.

> I entered the workforce at age 22 believing I would be a career superstar. That was 18 years ago. I have ranted and raved on here and the other Enneagram Board about my career failure. Failure? I never failed at ANYTHING until I went to work fulltime. I do not believe that I will always be a failure. I am just as smart as back in the high school/undergrad days -- I took an undergrad statistics course back in '97 and of the four tests had a 100 average, while others in the class complained that it was too hard to understand. Granted, I attended every class and studied very hard for the tests. But the brains are still there.

> Is it ADD? No, BUT I think it's the other thing you said -- NPs are going to struggle in an SJ dominated world. I've had average intellect people tell others about me that I'm a space cadet, dumb, airhead, wifty, etc. Sometimes because I made comments that went right OVER their heads. I fucking hate being stuck like this, and I tolerate it every day -- BUT WITH HUMOR! WHAT'S A BLOB TO DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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