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Re: ADHD me!
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Re: ADHD me!

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Posted by emoot(: ( on August 05, 2003 at 00:29:57:

In Reply to: ADHD me! posted by schrips ( on August 04, 2003 at 20:04:55:

How did you get diagnosed with ADHD? Was it something that you felt you should find out for yourself or did someone else recommend it? When you were diangnosed what did they say you needed to do about it?

Hmmmm... that leg bouncing thing hit another bell in my mind. More than once in college, I was asked to stop wiggling my leg in class because it was getting on someone else's nerves. I've done that all my life and apparently it started in infancy.... I used to rock my whole body back and forth while I was still in the crib. But, like you, I was never a "run around the room and terrorize the teacher" kind of hyper kid. Fidgety seems to be more apt.

Also....about the math thing.... I find that math makes sense to INTPs most of the time, but not to INFPs. Probably something to do with the T/F functions.

I will admit that geometry made sense to me.... it was the only math that I totally understood. I know it was mostly because it was visually stimulating.

On the topic of auditory learning.... I have actually tried really hard to listen to directions that people give me only to find out that I was concentrating on trying to listen rather than actually listening. In one ear and out the other is very familiar.

Also, if I am going to finish something, I must have pressure or a deadline where someone else is depending on me. I will get it done in order not to let someone else down. But, when it comes to my own projects that I want to do.... I start many but finish few. In a way I like pressure because it forces me get things done, even though I grumble about it. Ultimately, I know good ideas need to be produced and pressure squeezes it out of me.


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