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Apology to the board for all my complaining
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Apology to the board for all my complaining

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Posted by Margaret ( on August 07, 2003 at 17:14:08:

Even though I admit I do feel 'relieved' for having "let it out" I still feel that ethically I should probably give the board an apology for having posted several 'complaint-type' posts as of late.
Even though I still think they are four related, I basically just really "needed" to "let it out", however, in doing so did not mean to offend anyone or take it out on anyone.

Given that said, the basic Four premise of "having a difficult time being satisfied with what they don't have", which is what has been I have been struggling with for quite some time, which is also why I believe myself to be a Four, because that issue seems to give me the most difficult time, bascially I think the solution is to jsut figure out ways to find whatever you CAN have, get, within reach, that you can enjoy, appreciate immediateley.

In other words, find other things to pre-occupy yourself with besides what you don't have, find something you either already do have or have immediately ability to have. I have a membership to a gym, I can go there and workout and do something that makes me feel better. I would like to learn how to carve wood, and marquetry, I first need to find peices that are the color I'm looking for, and then landscape pictures of forest, mountains and bears and deer, (I really get into all that) I can use as a base to copy off of. When I pre-occupy myself with that, suddenly I really get into it, because it's something I enjoy.

Probably the prolbem here now though, is that I have too many responsibilites outstanding that I do not want to attend to that I keep putting off. For example, getting all my bookeeping starightened out, cleaning up my room, unpacking my moving boxes (I haven't touched yet), changing my oil, laundry, cleaners, updating registration, filling out emplymnet paperwork, ins. paperwork, getting updated ins. card, just doing crap like this. This is the part I don't enjoy in life.

That's the stuff I keep putting off. I wonder, how does anyone else here get themself motivated to do this stuff? The stuff that's so such a pain? That's probably what I need help on the most right now. Just getting motivated to do the little stuff the is tedious and time consuming and unpleasant.

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