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price for security not high as price for freedom
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price for security not high as price for freedom

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Posted by Margaret ( on August 09, 2003 at 14:44:04:

In Reply to: allowing happiness for yoursef can be hard sometim posted by Margaret ( on August 09, 2003 at 14:14:06:

Looking at the security side of it, having a steady income, in a corporate environment, with benefits, this is something that is a very good thing.
When I looked at 'being stuck' by it earlier, I wasn't looking at the positive, long term side.
Although I would be 'stuck' to this job, it will allow me to support myself without feeling those 'desperate moments' when I finish a temp assignment and cannot find another one for a long while.
Although living the life of a 'professional temp' had it's benefits of exciting variety with enjoyment of days off in between assignments as well as being able (only sometimes though) to pick and choose which assignment you like working best, as well as the ability to literally pick up and move anywhere you want and sign up for work the next day.
The downside was always when the 'days off' in between assignmets ended up turning into weeks, or months even, with just a couple days work sparsely here or there and not having money to pay rent on rent due day. That was the down side.
And now I don't have that down side anymore. Just security. Maybe not the same sense of freedom anymore, but when you think about it, many times I was not even able to fully enjoy the actual amount of freedom I had during that time becouase I spent too much of it (although not all of it), worrying about how/where I was going to get my next paycheck.
And that part, after this first full time job I had for almost a whole year with one company (even though I held 4 different positions) , was the first time I experienced real steady income for almost a whole year non-stop. That was something I had no idea you could get used to. ALthough temping is something you can get used to, so is steady permenant work.

And having that been said, thinking about it even more,I'm starting to think that the peace of mind that secure job can provide you as opposed to the sense of freedom that high-variety temping can provide you is much greater.

Because even if you 'lose freedom' to gain security/peace of mind, you never lose that much freedom, becaseu you could never get enough of it to live on in the first place.

But with security, you not only lose just a little of freedom, you gain peace of mind, and a lot of it. Much much more than the little amount of 'precious freedom' you once 'needed'.

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