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Re: 4w3 or 3w4...or other?
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Re: 4w3 or 3w4...or other?

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Posted by The 4/3-wing Blob ( on August 11, 2003 at 13:53:39:

In Reply to: 4w3 or 3w4...or other? posted by Maija L ( on August 11, 2003 at 13:33:10:

> Hi my name is maija and for the past year i've been looking into my personality a little closer, and just recently i found the enneagram.

> I took a test and got 4 on emode, then retook it a month later and got 8, and another test gave me 3, and another 3w4 (main type) sexual variant with 4w3 as my mean type. ((( IGNORE ANYTHING THAT SIMILARMINDS.COM SAYS ABOUT VARIANTS. THE AUTHOR OF THAT TEST (DERAS) HAS NO REAL VARIANT TESTING, HE JUST LUMPS 1S, 2S, AND 3S TOGETHER AS ? I THINK SOCIAL, THEN BECAUSE YOU ARE A 4w3 mean he assigned you sexual . . . but you sound like a Social . . .)))

i was very satisfied with the 3w4 and thought it was an accurate description as far as my main concerns go--i really want to be successful more than anything. i have no problem imagining, even fantasizing about myself winning the prize, getting first place, being accepted at Harvard, even becoming senate majority/minority leader one day (something i usually keep on the down low). i'm 17 years old and work hard in school in order to achieve and become accomplished one day. i feel that i have what it takes to become accomplished in whatever i choose to do. i don't need people to like me personally, but i want them to see me as smart, attractive, strong, and successful. i am very competitive and really want to get into a good college (that's the big issue for high school seniors). ((((WELL YOU ARE DEFINITELY A 3/4 or a 4/3 -- no other type would combine the competitiveness of the past paragraph with the shyness you describe in the upcoming paragraphs.)))

> i deviate from the 3 mainly in that i'm very introverted and private. i'm lively around people i know well, and i feel, make for a unique and fun friend. i am glad that i keep my personal life private from the masses, but with that i were more charming and talkative around people that i don't know well, but i used to have social anxiety disorder and i'm still pretty shy. others see me as shy and maybe even awkward (i hate that) or aloof.((((For the record, I was told by another E-fan that the Social 4 comes off as the shyest, most self-conscious type)))

> in other people, i respect money and status in certain cases, but other times i more respect intelligence and overall character, i'm inconsistent and it's hard to explain why, it's just how i feel.

> my myers-brigg type is unclear, i've gotten INTJ and INFJ, yet neither really does it for me. I'm definitely not touchy feely and emotional, i admit that i usually care more about myself than others (though i do like giving people gifts just because and am generally a nice person), and i'm terrible at providing emotional support, even when i want to. i think it would surprise people most to know that i'm actually a big romantic, though not in a traditional way.

> i have a taste for the finer things in life, good food, designer clothing, and i appreciate the arts (though poetry isn't really for me). I am proud of my eclectic taste in paintings and music. I'm very interested in politics, which get me fired up (and opening up) faster than any other topic. I am also proud of being pretty smart and in general a knowledgeable gal.

> as far as relationships, i'm pretty young and haven't ever been serious, but in the future i'd like someone spontaneous, fun, and rich and successful too. I would like to think a 7, or maybe an 8. i like people who are competent and strong willed too.

> sorry if i come off badly, but i'm trying to be honest so that you can tell me if you think i'm more 3w4 or 4w3. Oh, by the way i THINK my stacking goes sex./soc./self-pres (but i picked up on stacking simply by reading posts so i'm not sure).

> I'm sorry i made this so long, but it's the first time i've ever self-disclosed this much at one time. It may be hard to follow, sorry, because my comp is messed and the words are appearing some ten seconds after i type so i don't feel like editing. thanks your time!

(((I get a bit more 3/4 than 4/3 only because while you say you are introverted/shy, you don't actually say you've felt like the oddball in the crowd/an outsider/the individualist who stands alone. Those are trademark 4 things. You sound like you are a 3 with a 4s tastes and introspection. I VOTE 3/4 soc/sx/sp!!!! But also caution you that my vote isn't worth much ('cause only you can decide what fits-- no test can even do that.) )))

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