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free speech a/k/a Having your cake & eating it too
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free speech a/k/a Having your cake & eating it too

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Posted by Margaret ( on August 11, 2003 at 15:32:07:

In Reply to: Clueless posted by savvy ( on August 10, 2003 at 23:29:34:

There was this young 5w4 I used to work with, he believed in "free speech". Given that, he spoke "his opinion" in a bar with upper management, and next thing you know they fired him. He was baffled, he said, "what about my rights? What about Free Speech"? He couldn't understand. He was completely baffled.

Hey, sometimes the consequences just aren't worth "free speech", "speaking your mind", or even "speaking the truth", sometimes you're better off speaking whatever the heck it is that will put you in the most advantageous position/ best light.

And this goes for ALL types. REGARDLESS of what type you are, life is a series of trade-offs. Meaning the majority of the time, you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too. So you pick and choose whichever direction you want to go. After picking that, you WILL face the consequences. And DON'T think there won't be any- because in real life, there ARE, *always*.

OF course, if it's not so bad, then no big deal. However, if it is, then stop putting yourself there and start choosing a more thought-out answer next time.

Many young-age types blurt things out with out thinking. Experience and maturity encourages you to look at the consequences ahead of time, THEN decide how 'accurate' and 'truthful' you can afford to be or not.

> I know many of us here feel like we don't belong anywhere, but I have a strange problem, I think in black and white, like I believe nothing is absolutely right or wrong, the thing is that I find myself rolepalying often and just play along where ever I am, like when people ask me what religion I belong to I don't know what to say, cause I really don't know, I just don't know, I answer them anyway, bcoz if I say I don't know, they'ed think I am nuts, but at the back of my mind I feel guilty for not being genuine. I know this sounds confusing and I am sorry, but can anyone help me out here.

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