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Re: When Type 2 gives you guilt trips
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Re: When Type 2 gives you guilt trips

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Posted by Dee ( on August 13, 2003 at 08:19:46:

In Reply to: When Type 2 gives you guilt trips posted by Margaret ( on August 11, 2003 at 19:32:13:

> Well I finally shook off the guilt trip a 2 gave me at the agency I had my last job with, since I wanted this one whole last week all to myself beasue lord knows when I'll ever get this chance again. Boy did she really get MAD at me for not goign back to the job. But I jsut did n't like it enough to go back there. I didn't like the way I was treated over there, they did not treat me like a professional, but instead a juvenile, and since I am no longer 'desperate' for money because I have enough to pay my bills for this month before my next paycheck comes the following month, I think I'll be okay for time being.

> Anyway, she really gave me hell all last week for calling in sick twice as well as cancelling it for today and the rest of the week. So all week last week, even yesterday, and all day today, I still could not get her unpleassant guilt trip behaviour off my mind.

I'm Type 4 second runner up is Type 2. Not so much now, but when I was yonger and immature, I would have been more a Type 2... last year I did this test and came in Type 2 second Type 4. Anyway, you have to put a Type 2 in their place. Type 2 is very minipultive and arrogant. Sure they can be very sweet kiss kiss but if you disagree with them, they'll either start bawling their eyes out for weeks on end or will rip your head off! Type 2 needs to know they are wrong when they are wrong, too bad how they react THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM, IT'S THEIRS.. though they think differntly, who cares. In the long run Type 2 will respect you and probably want to be your friend for sticking up for yourself or will hate your guts forever and ever... again, who cares. Type 2 will secretly feel bad for what they've said, so this lady at your work believe or not is feeling bad right now.. NO JOKE. She will feel bad for eternity on this one, let her. Bottom line, YOU ARE RIGHT, SHE IS IN THE WRONG.
Hope this helped.

Dee :)

> But then later, I starting thinking of other things, and now I am glad I didn't go back because I should n't have to let some type TWO dictate my life for me. What does she think the whole tmep business is about anyway? It's alwasy *temporary*, meaning no obligation on either side. Besides, this is porbably the one and only time I ever had it were I was the one who blew them off instead of them blowing me off. Usually it's always me at the mercy of the job assignment, it was unusual to have it the other way around for once.

> Anyway the worst thing a type TWO (or ONE) can do (form my experience with them in general) is give you massive guilt trips, and what is so bad about that is they make you feel like a "bad" person. But what/who makes them 'authority' to judge others as such? I don't think so. Instead only YOU can determine whether you are or not.

> And I know I'm not -she was just using that as a tactic to get her way with things. And I know that ultimately, I made the right decision and did the right thing for ME.

> Also, I am pleased because this weekend will (finally) be plenty of sunshine as well. Which is good, becuase I will have this week to finish cleaning and start buying furniture, then head out for my long awaited trip toward the end, right before I start my new job, which means (not that she's off my mind) this should be a pretty good week:)

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