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Re: being abused for being N from S family (& soci~
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Re: being abused for being N from S family (& soci~

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Posted by maija ( on August 13, 2003 at 16:45:43:

In Reply to: being abused for being N from S family (& society) posted by Margaret ( on August 12, 2003 at 17:48:36:

> And to this day, if faced with a Sensor - I do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to maintain as LITTLE contact and communication with them AT ALL. And on top of that have NO QUALMS about it AT ALL. In addition, I would and will NEVER EVER EVER marry a Sensor EVER in MY LIFE - not even if my life DEPENDED upon it. matter of fact, that's the FIRST thing I look for, are they 'Sensor' a/k/a 'will they abuse me' or are they 'iNtuitive' a/k/a 'will abuse not be THE relationship'?

> Because the abuse I sustained from Sensors starting with my mother, even up to that bitch from the agency, I have NO need, NO want, NO desire, and NOTHING to gain from them whatsoever not in the least, aside from what little tiny practical use they can provide at that given momnet (such as oil change I just got, etc).

> Outside from that, from the hours I don't have to spend working or getting something that requires participation with those people, I want NONE of them in my life. And I mean absolutely NONE.

That's SO weird, i mean, IMHO, Sensors are soooo much more cool than N's (I'm an N though). In my experience, which granted isn't that expansive, N's tend to think of themselves as better than S's because statistically they're rarer, etc. etc. There's truly a lot of N snobbery out there. That's beside the point though, I was just commenting i guess on how I tend to like them more.

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