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Re: TYPE 4
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Re: TYPE 4

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Posted by Dee ( on August 14, 2003 at 07:57:35:

In Reply to: Re: TYPE 4 posted by Bertram Ostrer ( on August 14, 2003 at 03:08:25:

> > What do you think?

> I usually avoid taking Enneagram tests seriously, since most of them are so poor, and I've always believed that the most accurate method of self-assessment is honest self-reflection. Sometimes, though, I don't mind discussing Ewald's test and the RHETI. Even then, I prefer to address only the highest and lowest scores, believing that a person's main type (or wing maybe) is likely among their highest scores, and that their least developed type (or wing) is likely among their lowest. One thing I never do is assume that the ratio of a testee's scores accurately reflects the ratio of type energies in the testee's personality. The tests are just not accurate enough for that.

> That said, Ewald's test is among the most comprehensive and perceptive I've taken. It was spot-on accurate for me, though I don't assume it would be equally so for everyone. Your high score on Six is interesting; it could reflect a tendency common to the triangle types, and thus particularly of your Three Wing. I have a Three Wing, too, though I always score extremely high on Three and extremely low on Six. Maybe that's partly because my Social instinct is low. Are you a Social variant? Also, do you have any ideas regarding your high scores on Four and Six? How about regarding your low scores on One and Eight?

> B.O.

Thanks for your insight.
I feel that my personality swings from Type 4, 6, 2 & 9. I'm Type 6 with my mom, Type 2 with my day or vice-versa. They don't know me as Type 4 which is what I'm like in private. Co-workers would see me as Type 9 and friends as Type 2. I'm a varicolored. I adapt to my circumstances externally for others to see but internally I feel Type 4.
Insecurity in my life starting from when I was a child up until now has caused me to deviate from who I am to who others want me to be. Undetected depression as a child, ADD has been diagnosed but too late. Well, my therapist says it's never too late. Type 1 & 8 are my weak areas or undiscovered areas which I should explore. Maybe doing this will give me balance. What do you make out of all of this?


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