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Second thoughts on biker clubs
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Second thoughts on biker clubs

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Posted by Margaret ( on August 14, 2003 at 14:45:20:

Lately I have been really looking into what is it that I really want to do in my life, and I can tell you now, that I am starting to get a whole new perspective on things that I used to look at with stereotyped eyes when younger.

Although I've alwasy secretly was intrigued by motorcycles and biker clubs, I've never gave it much thought becuase of how I always saw them as 'bad' and did not want to 'associate ' with that. However, getting older, learning more, now I am starting to have a second view.

I just got done reading Sonny Barger's book: Life with Hells Angels, and actually I'm starting to think maybe they really aren't that 'bad' afterall. I mean sure they have members get in trouble sometimes, but that's not their primary *purpose* as an organization. They are not even 'political'. Mostly they just enjoy riding, and partying,(oh, and fistfighting).

What I'm trying to get it is, you can change as you get older. You don't have to be stuck in some kind of outdated mold or figure and prohibit yourself from doing what you've always wanted to because some stereotype you learned when younger was 'bad'. Such as people who ride motorcycles across country in groups. So? So what's so 'bad' about that anyway?

You know, I'm getting older, and I'm getting more in control of things in my life, and after having these major accomplishments, such as a getting a steady job and place, well, now I'd lke to do more things I'm interested in personally. Such as joining a riding club. I mean, I've always wanted to be in a bike club. I know women can't join, but if they have a husband or boyfriend who joins, then they can be part of the group like that. And just becuase you join, doesn't mean you "have" to participate in some of the 'shadier' type activites of some of the other members. I'm primarily interested in going along on the rides, chatting with the other ladies, and then going home. So? What's wrong with that?

And it's something I'm really starting to be interested in. ALthough I *am* concerned about *not* being associated with criminal activites that some of the others might get into, the LAST thing I need is to get thrown out of this Top Global Banking Org I just got hired into. And that would be a concern, if not THE concern, although, my impression is that I think it's mostly the men who have to worry about how likely it is to affect their ability to earn a decent steady living, not as so much the women.

What makes me interested is that Sonny said they are not a criminal organization and they are primarily a fraternity who look out for each other like family. That's interesting. Maybe I think I'd like to look around to some local clubs around here and start meeting some of the women (whose bf/spous are members) and ask them how things are, tell them my interest. Maybe I could either find someone in the club who might be interested letting me ride with them, or maybe going with someone who might be interesetd in joining (or trying out) the club with me.

One thing though, I am not looking for is a new intimate, not as I am as friendship and companionship (and I would have to make that clear especially to whoever it is that might be interested in offering me opportunity to ride with him). I am primariy doing this simply because I would like to ride with other people and chat with other (mostly women) who are also interested in riding.

I guess I could join any number of legitimate biker clubs out there, not necessarily one of the 'bad' ones. But, why not look into both the regular (non-fighting) ones as well as the 'bad' (fighter) ones?

Okay, I confess, I am intrigued by the 'tough and rumble' life the so-called 'bad' guys live.

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