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Re: TYPE 4
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Re: TYPE 4

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Posted by Dee ( on August 15, 2003 at 04:55:03:

In Reply to: Re: TYPE 4 posted by Bertram Ostrer ( on August 14, 2003 at 15:34:18:

> > I feel that my personality swings from Type 4, 6, 2 & 9.

> Amazing! I have to see this. ;)

> I've never known anyone to appear as any type other than their own. Their behavior changes at a superficial level, but their underlying attitudes, at the most basic perceptible level, do not deviate from the wide but distinct continuum of their type.

> Do you see an underlying uniform pattern as such? Or some recognizable continuum of emotional needs? It's all right if you don't. These things might become clear to you in the future.

> > Co-workers would see me as Type 9 and friends as Type 2.

> Do you feel that other people's perceptions of your personality bear upon the question of which type you are? I'm not concluding that you think it does, I'm only asking whether it does.

> > I adapt to my circumstances externally for others to see but internally I feel Type 4.

> The next question, logically, would be "Why do you adapt?" You've begun to answer that question. What was the nature of this "insecurity" in your life? Also, were there other relevant reasons? If you can answer those questions as honestly as possible, and with a *clear* focus on your most basic emotional fixations, you might thus clarify important details regarding your type.

> If such things are too personal to talk about here, you could think about them privately instead. (Even that's not easy for some people.)

> B.O.

Hi B.O.

Please, I love this stuff! I need to figure me out, that's why I'm going to councelling. Anyway, I'll try to answer these questions, a little bit of psychotherapy doesn't hurt I guess...
When I was a child, I lived in a house of seven children and my parents. I was introverted and struggled to have my voice heard. My younger sister and I are a year apart and people looked at us as one person, the only thing is she is extroverted and she did all of the speaking. I believe I leaned on her too much to do the talking, the only thing was I didn't like what she had to say half the time. I would speak up but believe I wasn't being heard. During these years I would lie if that's what it would take to come across as an enthusiatic extrovert because my truth always seemed boring to the other kids and my older relatives, teachers etc. I remember speaking about how things were making me feel all the time, and was pinned at being over sensitive. "Poor Dee, will she be ok?" My grandfather, though he couldn't speak english well, but couldunderstood english and would sit and listen to me whisper for hours. I use to suffer from migraines and remember being outside on a chair in a migraine tunnel and him sitting with me the whole time until my fever and migraine broke. I loved that man! Anyway, during my younger years, I believe I learned by studying others Types and could see that if I spoke at their level (identifying what type they were),they would inturn listen to me. Put it this way, I have antenas on my head that are on constantly working picking up on what type of person I'm staring at or talking to. No joke! I can meet someone and within minutes pickup their type and speak by mirroring them. I do have trouble though with some introverts. I think because we get our channels crossed... lol. To this day, I have a keen sense of Types so this site being in existence is like coming home for me.


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