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Re: To Goatman
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Re: To Goatman

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Posted by crystal ( on August 17, 2003 at 01:04:47:

In Reply to: To Goatman posted by Magaret ( on August 16, 2003 at 14:41:36:

> I simply don't like them, and that's the way it's going to stay. I'm tired of them. Especially the FSJs, they're irritating and annoying because they want things a 'certain way'. Well, they can have it. But not with me. I won't be around long enough for them to notice - lucky even if I ever get there anyway, (of which I certainly do my best *not* to be there in the first place).
> Besides, they'll be alright. They don't have to have everyone like them. They'll live.

> > Trust me I feel your pain. I grew up with SJ parents (1 ISFJ and 2 ESTJ) and it is tough being an ENFP 4. They tend to be convinced of their own righteousness given the fact they have a large majority of the population that think like them. While you may feel spite towards them don't. If most people were Ns you would do the same as them I am sure. Another thing you should seriously consider is giving Ss a chance, don't overgeneralize and think that you cannot get along with any of them, some of my best friends are Ss (especially SP for me, given I am a P). There are other people out there that think exactly like you, and whatever way you want to think and live is your business, it is just a shame that society in general puts such stress on individuals that don't fit the mold. There is also the danger of getting too arrogant. Sometimes I get a little self-righteous (probably that extraverted side of me coming out a little too strong) and think I am right and my S parents are wrong, but that kind of thinking is exactly why I am so frustrated with them in the first place. Not everyone can fit in, and there are plenty of benefits to being an 'outsider' (for lack of a better word). Besides, there is nothing you can do to change it, other than get in line, I wish you luck in your quest for happiness and appreciation, I empathize completely.

>>>>>>>>* I totally sympathize with u goatman, know ur pain. Unfortunately i am still growing up... I don't have much in common with my mother, and u either had to be a total child to talk to her or act like an older sibling. -_-;

But do u all know ur parent's emmeagrams?? They all did personality tests? Hm, i don't know wat mine r. My dad is stubborn and always thinks he is right.. Wat could he be?

I think i'm a INFP or at least thats wat i had last time i tried.

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