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Type 4 Reflections before Vacation
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Type 4 Reflections before Vacation

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Posted by Raz62 ( on August 22, 2003 at 11:52:13:

Once the clock hits 4:30 pm today, I'm officially on vacation until the Tuesday after Labor Day. Soon followed by my 41st birthday.

Just thought I'd think back over how the Enneagram has helped my life over the past year.

It has helped tremendously in my workplace to know that I am a Social 4 who works mostly with 3s, some 1s, 5s, 6s, and 8s, and that I am not some horrible defective thing that everyone hates, that's not the situation, the situation is everyone is coming from their own perspective and I am left alone more than I'd like for reasons that have nothing to do with me being defective in any way. Some of the reasons I'm left alone have to do with THEIR defects, not mine. I think out-of-the-box and most of them are trapped in a tight tight box that would just suffocate me. The few freer spirits (some of them 9s) here are my pals.

In my personal relationship, my 8/9 or possibly 5/6 -- or, just maybe, 9/8 or 6/5 -- we have only one big problem in our relationship and I don't think sticking bananas and other items where the sun don't shine is the answer. (Sorry, I had to include that, one of the funniest things I've read on here!) I have actually taken up drinking red wine again in an attempt to increase my sex drive. This doesn't have much to do with being a Type 4, though, it's an age thing, I had a healthy drive from late teens until mid- to late 30s.

The age thing is a big one for a vain 4/3 soc/sx. I am only 40 but I guess my phermones have disappeared because except for my husband no men really notice me anymore. So I suspect he's just doing it out of sense of duty to the marriage. It's not RIGHT because I feel the same as I did when I was a happy undergraduate just starting out in the world. Hey, the movie Shrek says it all. The Princess is the same wonderful crazy person inside the entire time, but gets treated differently depending on her look. So if I hang with other trolls I'll be OK. Still have to deal with conventional society, though. And they are REALLY irritating -- now, goes back to the paragraph about dealing with co-workers, it's like dealing with world at large, when I feel ignored or disrespected I have to remember it's their problems coming out, not mine.

I am plodding along and my kids are doing great, so I don't have any big problems to post. Thank God I'm still alive!!!!!! And able to enjoy the summer's last few weeks.

Where's Rho been? And Ella? They used to be on here a lot when I first came on.

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