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Posted by schrips ( on August 24, 2003 at 17:15:53:

Does anyone else absolutely abhor interviewing for a job? I just had an interview today for a job at this hippy natural foods store (crossing my fingers). But I feel like I always interview really badly. I get so nervous my brain shuts off and I end up saying exactly the wrong thing. Example, today I said that my employers would describe me as quiet...why would I say such a thing when I'm trying to get a retail job? Stupid, stupid.... I just hate the whole idea, too. I feel like I'm selling myself, and not in the self-helpy book way of "how to sell yourself to potential employers" but like I'm prostituting my very being before the god of capitalism. They want you to be this "perfect employee" that is punctual, hard-working, loyal, outgoing, etc. Every answer they expect at an interview is straight out of a manual. LIke they are jamming a square peg (me) into a round hole (that mythical perfect employee again). It's like all the things I like about myself (independence, intelligence, creativity, intensity, etc) are the exact wrong thing to bring up as strengths in an interview. I'm a little ventriloquist's dummy...Punctual? (Oh yes! If perpetually 5 minutes late counts...) Hard working? (Oh yes! Unless I think my boss is an asshole...) Outgoing? (Oh yes! Yeah right....) Follow directions? (Oh yes! Unless I think they are confining, uninspired, idiotic...) ARGH!!!

I guess I can just hope. I'm supposed to get a call back sometime tonight, so then I'll know one way or another. He said he liked me and that I seemed like I would be a good employee. But he also said I was too quiet and overqualified (what the hell does that MEAN?). Business makes absolutely no sense to me...

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