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Posted by Dee ( on August 26, 2003 at 23:01:54:

In Reply to: Re: shamed by emotions? posted by Sunshine ( on August 26, 2003 at 17:27:35:

> You write with a lot of feeling and a wonderful sense of humor, and you are definitely creative. You made me smile because of your lively details and also it made me see how so many of us are caught up in so many emotional states and situations, and yet we wish at the same time we could get out of them, like an ocean tide -- pulled one way, yet wanting to stay grounded -- attracted to the vast ocean but again would rather not drown. I think taking small steps, actions in your own life, being in the real world (join a club, a group, a job, a sport, one way or another in your own way) would be helpful. This is my own advice to myself.
> At least it doesn't sound like you are attracted or in a relationship to a man who appears to be available at first and then isn't or never was and you are not torturing yourself about what could have been, and how if you hadn't said this or that, things might be better, when in fact you have absolutely no control over that situation -- that's my recent situation and I am desiring to get out of that quicksand, truly, because all too familiar and repetitive. All the best to you.

Your last paragraph, I'M INTERESTED.
You desire to get out of the quicksand and how do you plan on doing this?
Why do you suppose this man became attracted to you in the first place? Is his needs not being met with whom he is with? This women he is stringing along, again.. stringing along is not as faithful as he thinks she is. Call it Murphy's Law. If change doesn't happen then he will never know what it is truly like to be in love..., a fulfillment can not be reached. You seem to fulfill him but again, he is afraid of change.
Does he leave you guessing? It sounds like it. Change isn't to be feared. Thoughts tell mind how to think and feelings come into play which takes hold of the body. Fear doesn't live in the mind, it lives in the thoughts we have. Life moves on and fear keeps him frozen, suspended in time.
What he is creating is unmindful. All in my opinion of course.
What Type is he?

Dee : )

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