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Re: tools -- and Johnny Depp
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Re: tools -- and Johnny Depp

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Posted by Viviana ( on September 05, 2003 at 17:20:54:

In Reply to: Re: tools -- and Johnny Depp posted by The4Blob ( on July 29, 2003 at 08:59:02:

> I 'm majorly infatuated with Johnny Depp. His stare does it all for me.
Something behind those eyes draw me to him. I've found out so much about him and his life that I would like to meet him. He's obviously a very hansome ,odd yet interesting man. I would like to go visit him and his wife in St. Tropez,France and have almost like an interview session with both of them. His wife Vanessa Paradis is a sexy woman that I of course wouldn't mind meeting. I'm actually upset that he's older than me and is married with children. Then again this has brought him to be who he is. It brings the history of his life to shine through his eyes.This is truly what attracts me to him. He's got a story to tell like everyone else but for him I'd sit with interest to listen. I know I sound like an obsessed fan because I am and I happly except and embrace the fact that Johnny Depp is such a different character like myself. He's someone that if I were to meet it would be hard to resist the temptaion of starting a friendship of some sort. I wouldn't dare interfere with his happiness
, but try to enjoy his company with a different kind of love. Appreciate the person he is as a friend vice-versa. I'm definetely gonna be famous soon and wouldn't mind starring in a film with Johnny Depp. He'll probaly be around 45-48 when I get where I'm going to be and later on meet him at some premiere. I'll tell him I would like to get to know him and smoke a little something in his new home france. Tell him how I was an odd person all my life and all the roles he'd did attracted me to be a fan because I felt weird like some of the characters he played. Yet getting to know a little about him by the news and media left me itching to know more about him and burn out the fire to my desire to get the feel of his soul by meeting him and becoming his friend. Comforting me because I was obssesed with myself my looks , on drugs ,crazy at some point literally. Yet he was on the spotlight at that time in his life, I wasn't. I was just starting my new life. I did all this before the age of 13. So I guess you can say I'm a pretty experienced soul. Like I see Johnny is. That's why I'm so attracted to pick his mind,life, and soul apart the time that I can, even if it was for five minutes. I realize that he might not end up being my life partner in this life but I'd sure make a deal with him to meet me in my next life and help to make a difference together, and I'd probaly end up working with him musically and in films in this life. Which will be mad funnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look out for me Viviana. Your gonna hear my name for a while soon! Oh! I forgot to mention I'll probaly try to meet Orlando Bloom and make a film with him. Maybe if he's at my level spiritually ,mentally , and physically. Then I'd catch him and settle down if not I have faith I'll find my man or woman and end up with that odd,weird,hansome or bueatiful,and interesting partner like me. I'm just so itchy to meet that person and become who I am that's why I fantisize of being with a person like Johnny Depp that same style of personality and looks. Or maybe Orlando Bloom but I know he's not at my level eventhough he's 10 years older than me that's why I don't mind trying to begin a relationship with a man the same age as Johnny Depp if it was Johnny Depp!!!! I'll probaly get over this crush soon but until then I'll keep on updating anyone who reads this.

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