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Re: My own problems with the MBTI
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Re: My own problems with the MBTI

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Posted by Leslie Donaghy ( on September 11, 2003 at 17:09:01:

In Reply to: My own problems with the MBTI posted by RAz62 ( on September 11, 2003 at 12:04:47:

> I'm definitely an Introvert, an Intuitive, and a Perceiver. I score tie quite often, or just slightly one way or the other, with Thinking and Feeling.

> My problem is this -- how do I know which function I am using as my dominant introverted function? I suspect it is Intuition, but it may be Feeling or Thinking -- HOW DO I KNOW? Do I have to observe myself in group situations where I am extraverted and then try to figure out where my head is?

> I'm also confused because I thought that according to the Jungian system, your primary EXTRAVERTED function determines whether you get the "P" or the "J." So, if I am primarily introverted, and I am primarily perceiver, doesn't that mean that my actual letter stacking will be I N TorF J? (Because, presumably, your secondary function has to be E if your primary is I, and vice versa, and I believe I'm primarily intuitive and a perceiver in my introversion.) Because I'm pretty open-ended when I'm alone and mulling things over, but I'm pretty upset when all of a sudden unexpected stuff is thrown at me from the external world -- I stress out easily -- I need some kind of definition of things outside of me -- but I spend most of my time INSIDE of me so I always test as P (I'm in a state of introversion when I take all of these personality tests).

Not quite right. According to Jungian psychology, whether you are a Perceiover or a Judger shows which function you Extravert. So, it's the reverse of what you say. In other words, you, as a Perceiver, will EXTRAVERT your iNtuition finction. That means that iNtuition is your second, or auxiliary function.

Your dominant function is the Introverted Judging function, which you don't show to the world. Since your choice of how to live in the world is as a Perceiver, that means that your Judging function is reserved for your Introverted state.

Does that make sense?

> I always test as INTP or INFP but wonder if that accounts for the Jungian "flip" based on extraversion.

There's a world of difference between INTPs and INFPs. Males have a tendency to type as Ts anyway, and females as Fs. I don't really know what you mean by the Jungian "flip", unless you're referring to the swap over between dominant and auxiliary function sfor an Introvert? It's slightly unusual for the lack of clarity to be with what is the dominant function. Have you actually been through the instrument with a practitioner? If not, I suggest that you do, as they might be more easily able to help you settle on a decision.

> Thanks for letting me post this utterly confusing but totally truthful question!!!!!

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