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Re: Margaret! They're dogging me!
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Re: Margaret! They're dogging me!

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Posted by Margaret ( on September 14, 2003 at 12:21:45:

In Reply to: Margaret! They're dogging me! posted by Raz62 ( on September 12, 2003 at 12:28:18:

***Yes, it does sound like they are going to have her replace you. But that's actually good news, becuase now you will be forced to look for a new job (like what happened to me).

Even though I knew I did like nor want to continue working there much longer, it had been so long to get a job that finally offered me security, I did not look for a new one simply because I was afraid of going right back to the insecure old days again, so much that I had a hard time getting motivated looking for a new job, that's how much I did not want to lose that security feeling.

But in the end, when I got demoted once, then again *twice*, then even asked to leave if I didn't like it, I was finally forced to actually quit and go out and get another job.

And it turned out for the better in the long run, becuase this job is much better situation. Although, still very crowded, and very little privacy, I at least do not have the severe degradation treatment I received at the last job by that unhealthy mentally unstable crazed 7 female, and a spineless manager who let her do anything and everything because his boss was personally in total and complete love with her.

Thank God I got out of that. It did give me enough experience though so that I could put it on my resiume and that is exactly what got me the job I'm at now.

All you have to do now is put these last three years on your resume, detailing everythig you did as much as possible, and your degree with no year. Don't bother wasting time going past three years all the way back to graduation. I never did, and never had a problem with it. People don't want to know what you did ten, even five years ago. They just want to know what you've been doing most current. That's what several headhunters have told me, get the unrelated, imperfect jobs from the past off there, just put the most recent 2-3 years down and that's all most emplyers care about. Don't bother other stuff, other years, if they ask, you can simply tell them you did other line of work because that interested you at the time, but now you are set as your current profession and want stable steady income to support a family you used to not have back then.

When they ask you why are or have you left your current job, just say because it wasn't a 40 week job that gave you time for your family. They 'frowned' if you had families to attend to. And that's all you need to say. And that's a very legit reason. People use that reason all the time, and it doesn't make you look bad either.

Besides, now you can start looking for a job in the suburbs which not only would get you out the city and is prettier, but also better schools and quality life, cheaper insurance.

Btw, guess who I saw the other day around town, the guy who I trained, then got made partner to, then got promoted over me - all in just 4 months. Well, guess what he's doing now? Still unemployed and looking for a job. He got rejected by all 'big three' places that made me offers, and he stopped working before I did. Hmm, gee, interesting to know.

But either, way, although losing that security especially when you did not have that for so long might be slightly uncomfortable a bit, in the long run it will be better, believe me, it will allow you to interview and accept a new, better, family-friendly job offer (out in the burbs even)! My plight ended up with a good ending, I have a feeling yours will too.

> (I address Margaret in particular because of her experience a few months ago with having people come in her workplace and be made her partner and one her superior, all without her being given a good reason why . . .)

> Our office administrative staff now consists of one Office Manager/Senior Editor and Licensed Supervisory Analyst, who reports directly to the Research Director, and under him 3 separate areas: Editorial (me, alone), Library (there is one Library attendant), and 4 Administrative assistants dedicated to specific sector teams.

> Now they are starting a new person on Monday and, first of all, the Director and Office Manager told the rest of us that we would get to interview anyone new on admin staff, but none of us met this person. So this woman is being described as an assistant to the Research Director and Office Manager, but also possibly as a Research Associate for one of the sectors (the sector that the Research Director has followed for the past 15 years in fact). Now I was told -- ONLY BECAUSE I ASKED -- that this person was a Communications/Media editor and producer with one of the big NYC firms, I believe Bear Stearns. So the Type 8/9 I'm friends with here and I were just shaking our heads, and predicting that this person is something of a replacement for me. She does NOT have the Supervisory Analyst License, which is the one qualification that would differentiate her from me; so, I'm just sitting here wondering things like what the hell is going on, and how much money is this person making? The feel of it all reminds me of what Margaret went through, with one big difference -- I'VE BEEN HERE FOR 3 1/2 years, got a superior performance review when they did review me back at the end of 2001, and the Director & the Office Manager have never complained about my work to me. But the way they do things here, they are sneaky, they just start ignoring and excluding someone if they are OUT rather than sit down and give them a formal written appraisal and warnings for areas that need improvement.

> Plus I found out today that my cholesterol is 271. I'll have to get to my doctor ASAP and see if I need meds or something.

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