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Re: Poll: How do you deal w/Social rejection?
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Re: Poll: How do you deal w/Social rejection?

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Posted by Dee ( on September 17, 2003 at 17:15:18:

In Reply to: Poll: How do you deal w/Social rejection? posted by Raz 4/3wing ( on September 17, 2003 at 10:49:57:

> I'm taking a Poll: How do you deal w/Social rejection?

> I tend to get really depressed and then avoid everyone, and go indulge myself in something nice like a frappucino.

> But, then I say, YOU MUST GO ON, go back and face them and be polite and responsible and do your job.

> Yet I'm always surprised when it happens again.

> How do Fours typically deal with social rejection? You can include romantic rejection if that's your main issue.


How about the sixth born of seven children?

In all honesty Raz, I don't deal with rejection very well. Thank God I'm not a kid anymore because the rejection was so painful, I'm stigmatized!
I deal with this in a support group along with acting classes.
I'm painfully shy at times. When I feel rejected, my first response is rage. I boil over, red in the face and start to cry. When I'm alone I let it consume me, so I have to be careful and move forward, not back but forward. I have to get over it! I also need someone to talk to about it right away! I can't stew in it because like I said, it consumes me. When I let it out and have someone who will listen and give me a different perspective, though I don't want to look at how they are seeing it, it does help in the long run. The worse for me is being fussed over. Can't stand it! So, I think I go into Type 9 at this point and on to Type 1, which is what were suppose to do I found out as a 4 is try to get a Type 1 perspective.

And for God sakes, I don't like being patronized!! Can't stand it! So, don't talk to anyone about it if you know already they are going to patronize you. DOUBLE WHAMMY WHEN THAT HAPPENS.... LOL!

Hey Raz, do you make up an exaggerated version of what really happened to make your point? I have a tendacy to do this.

Dee : )

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