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Re: ADD?
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Re: ADD?

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Posted by tasha ( on September 18, 2003 at 11:22:00:

In Reply to: Re: ADD? posted by emoot(: ( on August 04, 2003 at 15:39:17:

> > I was the same in school.

> > I always did really good on their "IQ" test
> > things (IOWA tests,etc), but did terrible in
> > school. They also said I just didn't apply
> > myself.

> > I also sucked at math.
> > Are there any 4's that are good at math?

> > I did great in music theory, drama, guitar,
> > and filmmaking. Other than that, my grades
> > were generally between B,C,D.

> > I also did much better in college, although
> > I never finished.

> > I had the same English teacher 3 TIMES in
> > high school. She graded so biased against me
> > because I dared to think for myself. She would
> > have essay questions on tests asking what
> > I thought was going on in a book, or what I
> > thought the author was saying, and if I didn't
> > put what she TOLD us was going on, then I was
> > "wrong". Hmm...my opinions and ideas are "wrong"?
> > I remember one time I got a paper back, and I got
> > another bad grade on it, and I got so mad. I
> > started making a scene and she told me to go to
> > the office. I said "Yeah, I'm going to the office
> > alright. I'm going to tell the principal how you
> > pick favorites and grade me unfairly." I got
> > about halfway down the hall and she told me to
> > get back in the classroom. Lol.
> > Anyways...I tested into a high level English
> > course in college and got an A.

> > Personally, I don't like the concept of "ADD".
> > I think kids in general are hyperactive and they
> > shouldn't be medicated for it. I also think that
> > not everyone is going to fit into the molds of
> > an education system designed more to make you fit
> > into society than actually teach you to think for
> > yourself.

> > hehe

> = I am wary of the ADD label as well. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on it out there, and a large part of it(educators and doctors alike) seems to be in favor of drugging kids up. (mostly the hyperactive cases.....the laid back ADDers are just labeled "lazy" or "not applying themselves")

> I don't like this idea of drugging kids either.....but I understand less about the hperactive cases because my own case is not hyperactive.... My case would be categorized as (day dreamy ADD)

> I am almost afraid society has, yet again, gotten hold of a label.... and for every problem they don't understand, they use it as a catch all band-aid.

> I need to go read some more information on it, I feel like something is out of whack out there but I can't put my finger on it.

> I really some information about this because my nephew is acting out in school and he is very intelligent but the teachers fell he needs to be evaluated. What do you think? Is it just a cope out for the teachers becuase it seems all they want to do is brand him as a bad child. (or at risk) what does that mean?

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