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Re: Telepathic Communication!
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Re: Telepathic Communication!

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Posted by Brittani ( on September 22, 2003 at 14:30:22:

In Reply to: Telepathic Communication! posted by Savvy ( on August 05, 2003 at 17:44:38:

> Have any of u experienced any kind of telepathic communication, like sometimes when I come across some people on T.V., or people in real life I don't know, I get this vibe, it's like I know them very well, or just feel very connected to them and don't know why.Is there a possibility that these people could be other 4's too.

Yea, I have. My name is Brittani and I'm 12 from canada. I just got a new kitten and have already had 2 telepathic communication encounters with her. The first, I was laying on the couch watching tv quietly, and I noticed my kitten sleeping on the floor. 'Abby...'I said in my mind quietly..(abby is her name)and she looked up at me. As you can imagine for a 12 year old this is a big thing. I thought 'Whoa!' Next I asked her in my mind if she could hear me and if so by closing her eyes. Shortly after I asked she closed her eyes. 'maybe this is my imagination..! but is this really happening?' Before this experience, I read many webpages and books about telepathic communication and was EXTREMELY interested in it. So U tried again. 'Abby, Idont know if I saw that or it was my imagination but could you please open your eyes if you could hear me?' Again she opened them. 'WOW!!' i asked her again and again to open and close her eyes just to be sure, and again and again she did so. I didn't stop untill after 5 or 6 tried because I couldn't believe myself.

the second experience was a lot simpler, and the paragraph will be shorter for your happiness.
I was sitting on the couch watching tv again (as usual) and i called out my cats name. (out loud) she turned and looked at me and as clear as someone was speaking to me I heard the words in my mind 'what?'..
Speachless, I didn't answer...

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