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Why end a good thing, P?
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Why end a good thing, P?

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on September 28, 2003 at 15:21:20:

In Reply to: None posted by Perciever ( on September 26, 2003 at 15:57:57:

> Early this year people said I should be the moderator which was suprising because I was a very controversial poster and offended people often and sometimes intentionally. But anything goes was the rule back in 2000...just look at the archieves!

FP: You may have offended people, but that does not mean you could not be a good moderator because you do have a sensible side also. I've send it. I was one of those people who felt you should be a moderator. Wouldn't you like to keep 9 Types going? Isn't it transferable through FTP?

FP: I have grown to appreciate you and like you as a person and enjoyed corresponding with you. I always wished you were a member of my group!

> I basically had a lot to say about the former moderators styles and learned that a personally involved poster just cannot be a moderator in an objective sense.

FP: This is true. But it also gives an opportunity to learn to balance personal subjectivity with professional objectivity, wouldn't you say?

My evolution here went from someone feeling rather intimidated to post to one whose posts I think were respected for their intellegence to someone causing a lot of sensation then I guess I grew tired of both, posted sparsley, lost any interest in conflict or even the enneagram and was good to be a moderator.

FP: One quality that you have that makes you a good moderator, you are not afraid to do what you feel is right on this board, regardless what you do personally on the side.

Moderating fed my need for stablity and control. And moderation was needed here as does every website. I basically just did what jan does-delete like a robot or machine any inappropriate post and make sure everyone thinks becca is doing it so I dont appear a hypocrit to my former position a poster should not be a moderator. I think I pulled a good deception as no-one figured it out! But I must thank the few who did know for not telling.

FP: Well, you did a good job. Productivity and responsibility stabilizes most of us if it is balanced. I have noticed Fours feels stabilized with having a job, which helps keep their emotions from taking over. Even Nines are kept moving because they have productivity to keep them motivated. I can understand about moderation fed your need for stability and control. Moderating and owing four groups makes me very aware of how much responsibility is involved and how much I need to discipline myself to show up and participate because it requires my effort to keep the board active. I have not attended much to three of the groups, unfortunately. It is a lot of work, especially when I am tired and want to take a nap and forget about school and homework and feeling overwhelmed!

> The only thing necessary was deleting the annoying ads and of course the pathological you know who, who I must say is so stupid or insane or both they actually thought after getting a rash of posts deleted at 2 am that I contacted becca directly and had her do it like she was at my beck and call at 2am to delte posts! The idiot couldnt put 2+2 together and figure out I was the one deleting. Randy was damn near onto me and may have figured it out but then he left. Good, I did not like him. Such a sensitive man. More sensitive than any woman I've known. And ugly too.

FP: I wouldn't think you would be crazy enough to call Becca at 2 am to delete nonsense. Who is Randy? It sounds like he needs an appointment with Dr. Phil if he is what you say he is!

> So there you have it. Post away until 10-01-03.

FP: Confession is good for the soul, huh? I still think you should take over 9 Types and run it, since you know you are a good moderator. Why end a good thing? You are a man of growth and maturity that I do admire about you! Have you looked at anymore beautiful houses lately?

FP: Flower Pagan

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