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Re: Why end a good thing, P?
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Re: Why end a good thing, P?

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Posted by P ( on September 28, 2003 at 16:46:07:

In Reply to: Why end a good thing, P? posted by Flower Pagan ( on September 28, 2003 at 15:21:20:

> FP: You may have offended people, but that does not mean you could not be a good moderator because you do have a sensible side also. I've send it.

***I was (as in past tense) a good moderator.

I was one of those people who felt you should be a moderator. Wouldn't you like to keep 9 Types going? Isn't it transferable through FTP?

***Dont have time for it. Maybe you and froggy could, hes a computer person.

> FP: I have grown to appreciate you and like you as a person and enjoyed corresponding with you. I always wished you were a member of my group!

***I can join now I dont have to be the protector of this place.

> FP: One quality that you have that makes you a good moderator, you are not afraid to do what you feel is right on this board, regardless what you do personally on the side.

***Someone had to protect peoples right to post in peace here.

> FP: Well, you did a good job. Productivity and responsibility stabilizes most of us if it is balanced. I have noticed Fours feels stabilized with having a job, which helps keep their emotions from taking over. Even Nines are kept moving because they have productivity to keep them motivated. I can understand about moderation fed your need for stability and control. Moderating and owing four groups makes me very aware of how much responsibility is involved and how much I need to discipline myself to show up and participate because it requires my effort to keep the board active. I have not attended much to three of the groups, unfortunately. It is a lot of work, especially when I am tired and want to take a nap and forget about school and homework and feeling overwhelmed!

***YOu are pretty busy with everything.

> FP: I wouldn't think you would be crazy enough to call Becca at 2 am to delete nonsense. Who is Randy? It sounds like he needs an appointment with Dr. Phil if he is what you say he is!

***Maybe I've cast him in a bad light. He is just a man searching for answers. It just seems like most people get those answers earlier than age 30.

> > So there you have it. Post away until 10-01-03.

> FP: Confession is good for the soul, huh? I still think you should take over 9 Types and run it, since you know you are a good moderator. Why end a good thing? You are a man of growth and maturity that I do admire about you! Have you looked at anymore beautiful houses lately?

***Well thanks, I dont really have the skill or time though. Maybe in the future because afterall everything in here will be saved.
> FP: Flower Pagan

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