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Re: MBTI- Is your motivation case senitive?
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Re: MBTI- Is your motivation case senitive?

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Posted by Dee ( on September 01, 2003 at 23:40:43:

In Reply to: MBTI- Is your motivation case senitive? posted by ISTP ( on September 01, 2003 at 23:12:23:

> > > Take an enneagram type? the enneagram and mbti personality theories are based on totally different classification criteria, and therefore don't necessarily match up. You can't, for example, say that a 5 is INTP or a 4 is INFP (although people do claim such things) because enneagram is based on motivation, while the mbti is based on behavior.
> ~schrips from main board
> Reading that lead me to writing this. . .
> I have changed my mind on what type I am according to the enneagram. In this order I thought I was a 5w4, 4w5, 5w6, 8w9, and now I just think I don't fit in to this system. Although I considered I might be a 7w8 over the last few weeks.
> But I'm quite sure ISTP fits well. That's how I act. Trying to find out what motivation is behind that doesn't seem to work for. It varies far to much from time to time, whether I'm at work, with family, with friends, or if some type of conflict is involved.
> By the enneagram I seem to act like this
> - At work-no conflicts 5w4
> - At work-have problems with a co-worker/boss 8w9
> - At work-co-worker has a prob 4w5
> - At work-competing for promotions and such-3w2
> - With family-no conflicts 5w4
> - With family-having problems with a family member 2w1
> - With family-relative have a problem with someone 8w7(not the me you want to run into:P) (but I won't get involved unless they ask or it doesn't need to be said)
> -With friends-no conflicts 7w8 with a little 5 thrown in.
> -With friends-having a fight with a friend-1w2 or 8w7 (depending on whether I want them to be a friend when it's resolved)
> -With friends-while one of them has a prob 2w1 or 8w7 (depending on the situ)
> -work, family, or friends-when they have a problem with another from the same group 9w1

> ISTP seems to cover all my actions in each of these cases. I keep to myself unless someone needs help, has a disagreement with me or a friend or family(In other words unless I get a mission of sorts at which time it gets my full attention in whatever respect is required of me).

> Oh and I test all over the place on ennragram tests(type 3 and 9 beening the least common to be my base type). And I've taken every free one out there.lol

> I'm postin this on the five board because I think that I'm a five motivationally more so than any other type.

> So do any of you find that your motivations for your behavior is basely highly on context rather than the whole basic fear, basic desire, and worldview enneagram thing?

Check this out too..

We are all struggling with identity issues in our circumstances. eg. how should I react oppossed to how I should respond.
You've given both scenarios in your discussion. Break them down into two catagories and take it from there.

Dee : )

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