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Posted by Hank ( on September 19, 2003 at 15:08:48:

What makes a person a certain type? Which traits belong to which type? Can a person be depressive, romantic, and a Six? Etc. This is somewhat confusing, but clearly the enneagram is absolutely SUBJECTIVE, so there can be no 'real' solution. A triangle is a polygon with 3 sides, so any polygon with 3 sides is a triangle. This is what I'm searching for. A Four is a person who is _________, so a person who is ________ is a Four.

What is the Core of the Enneagram? I believe it is the Motivation (desire and fear). All things stem from the Motivation, and with a certain reason, so that is why people of types resemble each other. Me and you may both be seeking our identity, and be incredibly alike, so we are both using the same means to achieve the ends. So then, could we use the Motivation as the definition of the type? If a person's main and strong desire is to be loved, that would make them a two - regardless of which traits they possess. But it gets tricky when the traits shy away from the type they are...imagine a person who exhibits all the four traits - melancholy, creativity, intuition, feeling special, etc, and is so extreme they sound like Riso described the person in his Four chapter! But...this person's main motivation is be in control of the situation (Eight). Is this person a Four or an Eight?

Regarding Wing Theory: Why must a wing be adjacent? I myself am somewhat perturbed seeing 3w8's, 1w4's, 9w6's, because it seems to disrupt the order of the enneagram, yet why couldn't people like that exist? I have seen some 4w9's around, and it seems logical that they can exist. I, myself have my top three scores as 2, 4, and 5. I know that sometimes my 4 side gets stronger than my 1 so I would technically be a 2w4. If a person can be intuitive, profound, and dreamy (four) and cerebral, observing, and curious (five) at the same time like me, what stops a person from being a four and also being complacent, peaceful, reassuring (nine) at the same time? If adjacent wing theory is wrong (and I have many doubts on it), then this would invite a whole new wave of subtypes in.

The solution: I don't think human personality can be bottled up into 9 types without making a mess. On a superficial level, we can. That person is the "artistic" type, or that person is the "fun loving" type, that person is the "controlling" type, etc. But the only thing the two artistic types have in common are being artistic. To truly describe someone and have a profile of their personality, it must be PERSONAL. It isn't something that can be revealed in a test or in a chapter of a book. It's a lifelong self-revelation. So we cannot just say about a person "Oh she's a Three." I think there should be an Enneagramic Chart to correctly describe our motivations, traits, etc. It has been said we have all 9 types in us and I agree wholeheartedly with it. But instead of focusing on the predominant type, we should also take into account all the "sub-wings" which influence our overall total character. Not EVERYTHING you do is in accordance to your type. A person may display Six behavior even though Six is one of his lowest types. To make a person's Enneagraph (I like this word better), one would have to at Least determine the order of the 9 types in the individual, and if possible, the percentage. However, there doesn't appear to be any easy way of finding this out. The predominant type is the easiest to find, along with the wing. The trick is in discovering which type is in 3rd, 4th, 5th place and so on. I know for a fact that I have correctly identified my top three types - 2, 4, and 5. Below that, it appears to be 1, 9, and 3 (not sure which order). And below that, 7, 6, and 8. This is why it has to be lifelong (or a very long time!) since we would be analyzing the repressed and minor sides of us. I invite you to ask any questions you may have. All this information appeared to me after I woke up out of a nap, and since it appears to be totally intuitive, I trust it....

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