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Re: Type
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Re: Type

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Posted by Bertram Ostrer ( on September 21, 2003 at 16:10:42:

In Reply to: Type posted by Hank ( on September 19, 2003 at 15:08:48:

> What makes a person a certain type?

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> Which traits belong to which type?

Read a book.

> Can a person be depressive, romantic, and a Six?

Of course they can. Why not? You might as well ask "Can a person wear white shoes and a blue shirt, and still be a Six?" You're talking about superficial descriptions of traits.

> This is somewhat confusing

Maybe it's not for you.

> but clearly the enneagram is absolutely SUBJECTIVE

Always has been, always will be.

> A Four is a person who is _________, so a person who is ________ is a Four.

That's on the "very, very basic" level, whose constituent qualities are not necessarily easily evident to onlookers.

> What is the Core of the Enneagram?

A seed, maybe?

> I believe it is the Motivation (desire and fear).

That's what everyone says, then they try to match types with brief descriptions of surface behavior. Maybe people say "The core is motivation" because they've been told to say that, but they don't really think that way in practice.

> could we use the Motivation as the definition of the type?

I guess so.

> If a person's main and strong desire is to be loved, that would make them a two

No, because that's not the Two's basic desire. It's one possible ramification of the Two's basic desire. Indeed, Twos might try to be loved in their own *way*. If you're going to study the Enneagram, get used to the statement "Each type can do, or even seek, pretty much the same thing, superficially speaking, but each in a *way*, or better yet, for a *reason*, peculiar to that type."

> - regardless of which traits they possess.

Always regardless of traits. So stop using phrases like "...acts like a Three," etc."

> But it gets tricky when the traits shy away from the type they are...imagine a person who exhibits all the four traits - melancholy, creativity, intuition, feeling special, etc, and is so extreme they sound like Riso described the person in his Four chapter! But...this person's main motivation is be in control of the situation (Eight). Is this person a Four or an Eight?

I don't see why an Eight couldn't have those characteristics.

Gotta go (more later).


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