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Re: Confused
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Re: Confused

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Posted by Fergus ( on September 26, 2003 at 22:53:18:

In Reply to: Re: Confused posted by Me! ( on September 26, 2003 at 08:37:13:

I agree with the person self-identified as "Me!". You come across more as a Four than a Five. I'm a 5w4, yet I don't relate to very much of your self-description. Two things that Fives love are learning new things and honing intellectual skills. When I was in school, I regularly tried to do my best. At my present point in life, I've finished my formal education and so don't have to worry about grades. Despite not being graded on what I do, I am regularly researching topics I find interesting. I have most recently been reading several books on Atlantis and ancient civilizations. I also engage in intellectual activity for fun, such as computer programming and playing Chess variants. I think the rock group Nirvana is crap, and I think Kurt Cobain was a loser. I have never been self-destructive, and I have never written a suicide note. The main thing I can relate to in your self-description is that we both like girls.

I'll also point out some things you said that seem particularly Fourish.

"i obsessively take personality tests." Although Fives may frequently take personality tests too, Fours are especially interested in understanding themselves. In contrast, Fives are mainly focused on understanding the world at large. When Fives are interested in their own personalities, as I am for example, I think it is part of a larger interest in human psychology in general. In my own case, I do not obsessively take tests. I already know my type and don't put much stock in tests. I also don't spend much time uncovering the depths of my own personality. I'm often more interested in figuring out what someone else is, though my own personality is a subject I occasionally visit from time to time.

"I think it is a kind of punishment to myself for another unknown reason." I don't recall ever feeling this way about my misfortunes in life. I attribute misfortune to being dealt a raw deal, not to some mysterious punishment. But I'm sure it makes you feel more special to feel this way, and Fours want to feel special. For example, for all that happened to Job, he was special, for God had a direct hand in his misfortune. But if God didn't exist, and Job was just a guy who met with extreme bad luck, his suffering wouldn't make him special.

"I admire they're romantic? images, and dream about one day having that type of effect on people." I care little about the effect I have on other people. It is not a goal-in-itself for me. It matters to me mainly when other goals are involved, such as teaching effectively or courting a woman. My dreams are mainly of the freedom, resources, and cooperation of others I need to do everything I want to do. But Fours may feel that having an effect on others makes them special, and Fours are mainly motivated by the desire to feel special.

"i usually see the girl as perfect in my head, and then realize the opposite when i get closer." This is a common pattern for Fours.

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