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Re: fives and qp
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Re: fives and qp

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Posted by Fergus ( on September 26, 2003 at 23:28:40:

In Reply to: fives and qp posted by Ron Mathewson ( on August 11, 2003 at 21:28:03:

Just reading your first page raised my skeptic alert. You seem to be offering pipe dreams and fantasies. Let's look at some of your claims. Each quotation from you is followed by my comments without any sugar coating.

"Imagine, being able to make correct difficult decisions in split seconds, without having to think." I'm sure I can sometimes make correct decisions in split seconds, but to do so all the time is unthinkable. It is sometimes necessary to spend time thinking to arrive at the correct decision.

"Imagine, a world of free of pain, guilt, sorrow, fear, hate or distrust" Yes, I believe there may be worlds like that, such as Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. But these will all be uninhabited worlds that are also free of pleasure, responsibility, happiness, joy, love, and trust. The things you want the world free of are integral to any world with fulfilling human life.

"Imagine, always knowing what someone thinks". Imagine never having a private thought.

"Imagine, having the wisdom of a 1000-year-old person". Depends on whether you mean a Melchizidek or a Vandal Savage.

"Imagine, complete manipulation of anyone, at anytime". Imagine never knowing what it is liked to be genuinely loved for your true self, because you merely manipulate people into loving you.

"Imagine bending physical reality". I've seen it done in comic books.

"Imagine mastery over your emotions". Imagine mastery over your perceptions. Instead of seeing the world as it is, you could imagine the world to be whatever you want it to be. Emotions need autonomy to effectively do their job of sending you accurate signals about the world.

"Imagine being the smartest person you know". Imagine living in a world where you are regularly flabergasted by everyone else's idiocy.

"Imagine the ability to control time". I've seen Piper Halliwell do it on Charmed.

"Imagine the ability to help others". Already have it.

"Imagine always 'seeing' what the person your talking to sees". Imagine Big Brother always seeing whatever you see.

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