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Re: A curious comment!
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Re: A curious comment!

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Posted by Paul the Pharmacist ( on February 06, 2003 at 15:18:08:

In Reply to: A curious comment! posted by coo ( on February 04, 2003 at 15:53:58:

> Paul The Pharmacist said:

> "In my experience, the only Enneagram type that I have encountered who sometimes vigorously denies their (to me ) obvious type are sixes."

> I would really like to know more about this. I have never come across this theory anywhere-yet it rings true somehow.

> I live in Australia and find it very interesting to read your debate on Bush!

I apologize for not answering you way back.
Like porks comments it is just based on my limited experience. Every Enneagram type is really a neurotic expression that denies one's real essence but people take a certainpride in many of their enneagram expressions
A one will say I try to be perfect. A two will say I nuruture and help others. a three might say I am a real acheiver. A four might say I am 4 plus unique. A five might say Im 5 plus smart and a scholar. etc etc
But what does a six say? I am nervous and frightened by the dangers of the world? I am not putting sixes down. Its just hard to brag about this even in a neurotic way as a five like myself showing off knowledge or bragging about being a scholar. In some old phd psychology papers point six was referred to as "ego cow" or ego coward. I have found that sixes just dont enjoy being labeled a six.
To be fair Palmer calls six "the trooper" in one of her books and I worked with a 6w5 who had no trouble accepting this.
Actually being a six has certain advantages probably. Being a Pharmacist my main interest in the Enneagram is in correlating mind and body in disease ie Psychosomatics. sixes are definitely survivors. As cold blooded as it may sound if 2 persons say an E-2 and an E-6 were having a serious operation and I was told one opf the patients would die and one would live i would put a lot of money the six would be the one who survived the operation and probably would win a bundle of cash. My Mom is a phobic six and will be 85 in a few days and is still going strong.She still yells at me when I visit her and I am in my mid fifties. I tell her to have respect for the elderly menaing me.
For years she denied her obvious sixnes and told me she was a seven and it was so sad that her own son didnt know her. She has never ben in a plane as she is afraid of a crash. She used to tell me it was because of her son (me) but as I am in my fifties that is a lame argument. She is afraid of barking dogs etc etc. If the phone ringsd and no one answers her hello she gets so nervous someone is "stalking" her she will call me (even if I am probably sleeping because she can't control her anxiety.
Actually she is a trip and I finally got her to say "you are right Paul I AM a six but a very healthy one" which is relatively true. If I sound negative toards her i really love her a lot but like a lot of fives I am ambivalent about parents. She is 10 plus sentimental where I am not. Some of the enneagram books I have sent her have enabled her to understand me better.

PS A sfar as the six is a survivor thing, remember Richard Nixon (6w5) outlived his wife Pat by about a year. Most wives outlive their husbands.This is one example but Im sure their are others of a sixes ability to survive

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