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Type Six
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Type Six

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on February 08, 2003 at 01:18:25:

In Reply to: Re: (disclaimer about above post) posted by coo ( on February 05, 2003 at 02:28:09:

> > The Paul quote reminded me of the experience I described, but it wasn't directly related to what Paul or coo wrote, and thus, neither was my conclusion about typing people on-line. My "reply" was locally irrelevant digression; since I ended with some critical opinions, I don't want either of you to think I was addressing you in particular. :)

FP: Pork, you are a nice person.

> > ^(oo)^

> coo: "phwew!"

FP: You are okay, Coo. :o)

FP: Pork, isn't Paul and K.B. the same person? I don't bother to read K.B.s posts of any of his known characters because I don't have time for what is not real. Life is real and the possibility of war is real to people all over the world. I don't have time for his boring games, so is he Paul?

FP: I know a woman who appears to be a type 8 who would refuse to be any type because she swares nobody could figure her out. If you say what she already admit about herself, she will still say the opposite. Ha, ha, ha. I know all Eights are not like that. I know all Six are not the same either, which is logical. I think you have open or self-protective people of any type, right? They may express it differently according to their core type, wing(s), Instinctual Variants/ Subtype, Experiences, etc... I am aware there is a basic similarities between types. I see the similarities and the individuality at the same time.

FP: Micheal Jackson is a 6 too! Can you tell with children being his underdog and he wants to belong, so he hugs his adoring fans and likes to play. He gets paranoid and so protective from the reporters and don't want them to suffer what he goes through. See, he is a type 6. Just kidding. ha, ha, ha.

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