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Re: Female 5
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Re: Female 5

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Posted by Primer Gray ( on February 13, 2003 at 23:18:40:

In Reply to: Female 5 posted by Iris ( on February 07, 2003 at 11:48:58:

> Hey everyone,

> I've just been reading a lot of these threads and couldn't help but smile at seeing all these thoughts in my head being said by a lot of you.

> First off, I'm a 19 year old female, 5w6 (I think) in Canada. Youngest of a family of six, I now live with my mom who's a 9, and I absolutely adore her. I could care less about my father, an 8.

> As for relationships, I'm in a long distance relationship with a 7. We'll spend a week or a weekend or two a month, and it's been good as far as having my time and space to myself. I'd say I'm in love. It seems like I fall in and out of love fairly quickly though. And it's never as intense as my first love was, something I don't think I'll feel again, or completely get over. But who knows, I'm still young.

Yeah, maybe you'll get over it, maybe it'll just get folded into your newer memories eventually. But, the long distance thing, well...sucks. Hell, after much searching, ended up meeting a really cool 4w5 chick...with the crappy timing of meeting her 2 weeks before my job transferred me 900 mile away. We try to talk...it's been since Thanksgiving since I've seen her, hopefully I can make it down there in a couple weeks. I like my space...but I do like to see someone more than once a season, ya know?

> My main reason for posting, is that I often go through long periods where I don't really feel anything. I'm blank. I don't feel inspired whenever I try to write, or nothing flows out of me as I play guitar. I'm stuck in this rut, and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

Yeah, that's a drag, isn't it. I don't know what to tell you other than just to make the most of it when it all comes rushing back. All you can do in the rut is try to keep moving, that way when you get out, you'll be ready to capitalize on it.

> And of course, there's the usual issues of being alone despite being in a relationship. Which as a 5, I've pretty much accepted by now.

Well, it's not that we're alone when we're with someone else, we're just in another room near them. But, it's good that you've accepted that. It's not that bad really. After all, when we come back from our own little worlds, we always bring back interesting things to tell them.

> What do you 5's do when you're incapable of feeling?

Ride it out...like isaac would do (where the hell is he, anyway?), a little bit of smokey treat takes the edge off. A strong drink or two and a peer group is also something to do to distract oneself when in the malaise.

> I'd like to feel again.

You will, any second now. It helps to blank you're mind so you aren't filling your head solely with thought about what you're not feeling.

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