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Re: what are good careers for type 5's? writer
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Re: what are good careers for type 5's? writer

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Posted by Flower Pagan ( on March 03, 2003 at 09:05:57:

In Reply to: what are good careers for type 5's? posted by = A healthy 5/3 split = ( on February 20, 2003 at 16:59:14:

> Hi,

> I'm in my last year of high school & having a VERY difficult time choosing what I want to pursue in university. I'm thinking of pursuing law in graduate school because I am a very good writer and speaker. But the problem is that I also have many interests in other areas - math, science, and business. I just don't know what to do for an undergrad degree. My first love is writing but I don't want to do an English degree. I like analyzing issues, and enjoy studying politics, but I almost feel like it's too easy...like maybe I should be doing something more difficult, like chemistry or biology, even though I don't necessarily excel at science.

FP: Why do you feel you should do something more difficult? Why not do what you love and enjoy and excel in it? If you enjoy speech, writing, analyzing issues and enjoy studying politics, why not study Communications? It covers all of that and perhaps, if it doesn't offer you enough political science, then minor in political science.

FP: You should do what you love and not make the same mistake a lot of people do by doing what they mentally should do and end up unhappy, very unhappy. You are fortunate to know what is your first love, so go with it. Read Icthulus's posts and observe his words "(being sucessful but not happy)". Is that your goal, to be successful and not happy? I personally think that is not success. I believe true success is doing what you love!

FP: You don't have to major in English to be a writer, unless it is fictional literature. Take a look at college catalogs in the different areas of communications, for example Rhetoric (speech) Comm, Mass Comm, Journalism Comm , Interpersonal Comm, Intercultural Comm, International Comm, and so many more majors in Communications and check out the course list for each type. You may find what you are looking for.

> Does anyone know what are characteristic careers or majors for type 5's? I am personally quiet, but can be outspoken and silly at times. I like debating in class, and am somewhat of a natural leader, so I feel somewhat conflicted. My three highest personality types are type 5 (7 points), type 3 (6 points) and type 7 (5 points).

FP: Do you have Riso's book "Understanding the Enneagram"? There is a section for type misindentifications, which is a common problem amoung us Enneagram Enthusiasts. I will give you some triads (which means a group of three and the Enneagram types are divided by 3 and has 3 type in each group) and you can look them up to understand their meanings in your research (research is a part of your college future) and see which one(s) you relate to most. Read the whole chapters of each type, not just the basic stuff because you won't get the full picture of the type.

Let's see here. Type 3 and 7 both belong to the aggressive triads or group, while the 5 belongs to the withdraw triad. I typed the name of the groups and made sure I even things out and let you see clearly which group or triads for the three types that you named as your dominant types.

* the stars are to keep it even with each other.

T: Hornevian ** Dominant Affect * Centers ** Harmonic

5: withdraw *** rejection ******* thinking * compentency
3: aggressive * attachment ****** feeling ** compentency
7: aggressive * frustration ***** thinking * positive outlooker

> If anyone has any insight, that would be much appreciated. I have a feeling that type 5's could be inventors, scientists, or analytical writers - the creative forces in society. But do you think there are many type 5 lawyers out there? What's weird is that although I got type 5 on this site, I got type eight (the leader) on Emode.com's Enneagram test..which is quite different!! But I think that type 5 better characterizes my personality.

FP: I would not go by Emode. LOL Which test did you take from this site? There are two of them. Did you take the RHETI test or the New Test by Tal? RHETI is a sample test of a scientific validated and reliable test. You can take it yourself and research yourself by continually learning about who you are or you can have help from the professionals.

FP: Let's see how you do with these two tests.
Take this test and select all and paste the answers if you wish to share them with us. I will give you another test to compare to this one. See, now you have became your own scientist of yourself. (smile)

FP: Lawyers are sterotypically known as type 3 who loves to debate, but other types have similar qualities. Type 8 belongs to the aggressive center like 3 and 7 does. Enjoy your reserach and testing. I give you the fun test. When you change your answers on this test, make sure you click on the answer that you don't want again, so it will be clear if you don't, it will count all of your answers. It isn't like other tests that change the answers, instead, it add the answers unless you unclick it. It is two parts to the test. First is test you on Centers and then your type on the 2nd part.

Flower Pagan

> Thanks,

> ms_split

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