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Some food for thought...on Enneagram personality...
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Some food for thought...on Enneagram personality...

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Posted by ms_split ( on March 07, 2003 at 23:17:28:

I just posted this as a threat relating to my career/post-secondary dilemna, but I thought it might be interesting to post as a new thread for others to view. I was just getting a little peeved off with viewing so many personality relevations..getting into the very specifics..the deepest darkest areas of our personality..from the reason why we favour Power Rangers over Teletubbies (obviously our 'domineering' trait although we still have some other...err..not-so-obvious tendencies..) it's just getting a little on my nerves. I mean, why don't people just take it as a tool for some insight, but not as an exact science? Do people need such instruments to so specifically & accurately group them? Anyhoo, this is what I wrote, feel free to respond. It's late & I might have been ambiguous in this post, I'm not exactly sure if there's a point to it, but you'll probably find something to dig into..

I was just reading over 3w4 descriptions and I share some characteristics, but I think I have many from 5 and 1 as well. 3w4 seems extrovertive, and I'm more of an introvert. However, I scored exactly in the middle when taking the test off Emode which I found to be quite accurate, so..yeah I think it's just hard to group. But there are so many people who take this thing as if it were the Bible..I think that just shows some insecurity. I was on one message board (not this one) where people kept analyzing themselves and saying well in this situation I was a 2 wing, but this I was a 4 wing, and this I was...it seems obsessive! I think this is really one big reason why this type of psychology can easily turn me off...it just reminds me of those teen magazines where (although more specific) still ultimately group you into neat categories that can't possibly describe you. It's good to know more about yourself, I see that being the main benefit (and it HAS helped me in thinking about career & post-secondary ed) but getting too hung up on this stuff is just being superficial. So I think I'm going to leave my exploration at this pretty much & say I'm a 5/3/1 mix. It's an interesting area for interest, but as an actual study, I can't see it being scientific and if taken too far can get quite tedious & boring.

Sorry, just had to vent a little..not upset, just after hearing so many self-relevations & self-analysis (i.e. 'wow! I would've never thought I'd meet a 5w4 with some 2 characteristics and a love of cards! Let's get together!') it's just getting a little on my nerves (or should I say, playing on my 'pratical side' obviously reflected by my 4 wing, with a mix of 'J' characteristic?)

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