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Re: Some food for thought...on Enneagram personality...
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Re: Some food for thought...on Enneagram personality...

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Posted by ms_split ( on March 07, 2003 at 23:59:17:

In Reply to: Some food for thought...on Enneagram personality... posted by ms_split ( on March 07, 2003 at 23:17:28:

err...lol..just re-reading this post. I'd like to remind people that it is quite late & I *am* tired...ahem..yes, very much so..I just feel somewhat like a fake, considering in my other post I claimed I was a strong writer & speaker.. heh.

hmm..I hope some people reply, this board seems pretty dead lately, we need some fresh topics & viewpoints. Even just on this Enneagram stuff in general, what you think. I think most people here believe in this strongly though...but although we're all grouped in different categories I think we have one thing in common: one, we're all quite self-reflective. And secondly, many of us have a desire for self-improvement. So I don't know if that's really grouped into any (some may say 1, perfectionist, I don't know) but I think we're all to some extent Ps or perceivers. I wonder how many people, as a percentage of the population, are actually interested in this new-age stuff..I would think much more in the latter 90s, with so many mid-life crises going on, and more research on personality & psychology, areas that weren't previously considered so scientific..and even now at a younger age with greater pressures to succeed in adolescence & university, and so forth..
Ambition, then, is largely the motive for our self-seeking...at least it is to me, ambition to succeed..but that's pretty general isn't it? I mean we all desire happiness, but how can we achieve it? Through knowledge, through wisdom? There's the philosophy, I believed advocated by Socrates, to love others, you must first love yourself - a direct, abstractual relationship between your own being and others. A need for self-knowledge & understand, of the world and ourselves..yet, some people don't seem to know when to stop. They feel they can never fully understand themselves..this obviously being the reason for the unhappiness and incertainties and insecurities in their lives..perhaps knowledge provides power, but one can only be satisfied when he/she can actually feel saturation. Yet, fulfillment cannot be achieved unless a limit is defined. This is why I ultimately feel so frustrated with those people constantly analyzing themselves...we can learn more about ourselves but through experience, through life processes..why must we continually seek knowledge through 'scientific' apparatus? Why is this such a better indicator than our own self-reflection? Ultimately, we have a desire to know NOW, we can't wait 'til we're married to figure out if an S is compatible with an N or whatnot...we are a race so dependent on computations, for scientific approximations, for categorically defined solutions to our problems...the Enneagram is merely a reflection of how we are a society needing more, but those who are truly committed may feel that they can never be ultimately satisfied.

Yes, well anyhoo..that was a total strea-of-conscious, lol. I hope that made sense.

So yes..pointless rambling & disclaimer down...sleep yet to come. yum. :P

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