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Showdown Iraq!....
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Showdown Iraq!....

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Posted by 5 ( on March 09, 2003 at 20:27:55:

Well lately . . . I have been watching CNN and all other news shows nonstop.
From what I've seen I can't understand how anyone is for war on Iraq.

First, North Korea's a bigger problem.

Bush is spending way too much money . . . how long can the U.S. keep this kind of spending up. Some states are already feeling the pressure(which is, in my opinion, is why the emergency status was lowered back to yellow).

There has been a lot protest world wide. I'm Canadian, so I feel very connected to the U.S. but listening to Bush lately. I can't help but dislike your country more and more. There's two main reasons for that: Bush sounds nuts . . . like Hitler . . . maybe worse. You think your nationalism is a good thing. Yes . . . Woo!!! The US unites even if they know what there doing is wrong; well great for you.

That paragraph was just to make the point if I, a Canadian is losing faith in the red, white and blue; just think what the rest of the world is thinking. I mean once you attack Iraq, people are going to sign up, join the terrorists. By starting this war too early you will make millions of enemy's. Just think why do people in the middle east hate you now? Because of old wars, because you got involved in their business. In Islam it seems allowing foreign troops on your land in a bad thing. That's a huge reason why Bin Laden started the terror network in the first place. So now Bush decides to fix the problem by doing the very thing that started it.

What will happen if the US goes into war without UN backing. Since the US is one of the five main members of the UN, if they/you ignore the UN why should any other nation take it seriously. It the League of nations all over again.

In addition, Don't think winning the war on terror will be easy. It's not easy to fight a group with no ties to any one nation.

Anyway now that I've said a few of the reasons I'm against the war on Iraq I'd like to ask you what you think on the topic . . . especially those of you here who are for the war.

P.S. This whole thing makes me question democracy. Yes, the people vote someone into office but do not really know what he/she stands for. And then ultimately don't get any say in what choices are made. OK I'd never be against democracy, but I think that the senate or the people should have a far greater influence, generally all countries actions reflect their leaders views; the people need to have some sort of veto ability.

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