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Re: and not even in the right ballpark, ironically....
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Re: and not even in the right ballpark, ironically....

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Posted by pork ( on March 10, 2003 at 17:55:30:

In Reply to: Re: and not even in the right ballpark, ironically.... posted by ms_split ( on March 10, 2003 at 11:48:47:

> But since personality is related to career choice, it may help in some way.

The "Enneagram of personality" is restricted to compulsive ego fixations. Understanding and working to overcome them might abet your career performance, regardless of what career you have. The Enneagram shows us how we limit ourselves. Let's compare a compulsive ego fixation to a ball-and-chain (in many ways, that's exactly what it is). This metaphorical ball-and-chain keeps you from plodding along at more than ten feet a minute. Meanwhile, you read some book that says "If you're burdened by a ball-and-chain, you are not advised to try to run marathons or scale mountains. Choose, instead, activities in which you are able to remain stationary for the most part." You think, wow, that's pure genius. But did you need that book to tell you that?

Say you're an Eight - you might thrive on conflict, overcoming challenges, bolstering your self-sufficience (8-5), or even persuading people to follow your example (8-2). But if you're an Eight, you already know this, so the Enneagram won't tell you anything you don't know. Being an Eight doesn't guarantee that you'll actually be any *good* at the aforementioned things. In fact, the Enneagram doesn't tell you what you're good at - it tell you how you SUCK, how you're NARROW.

Fortunately, there's more to personality than Enneatype. That's where vocational batteries come in. They assess your interests and talents.

Anyway, back to the Enneagram of Provincial Putz-hood. Say you're an "unhealthy" Eight. Your fixations will probably spell trouble for you no matter what you do, and attempting to choose a career that "befits" your ego fixation will only delay the inevitable. Of course, such a person would do well to address this issue, but where do you turn to for career guidance?

Maybe you have a knack for technology. Or maybe you can add long strings of numbers in your head. Or construct complex architectures. Or maybe you have a penchant for comic book artwork. Once again, vocational tests will cover a lot of this stuff. What does the Enneagram have to say about your multifarious talents? Not a whole lot.

> Are you saying that Enneagrams help you overcome your egoism? Because I wouldn't really say I'm egotistical..

An ego fixation can prospectively lead to egoism or egotism, though it need not produce those patterns. There are other ego ruts to get stuck in. :)

> I'm just somewhat confused about what I want to pursue, what I want to do after high school & trying to figure out more about my likes/dislikes, aptitudes, etc.

I've heard that vocational batteries can be remarkably helpful.


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