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not to some...to many!
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not to some...to many!

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Posted by 5 ( on March 17, 2003 at 18:18:33:

In Reply to: At least, not to some... posted by Ev ( on March 14, 2003 at 15:56:49:

Hey, I have busy for the last few days. This is the first chance I have had to see your follow ups.

I read up on your last posts. And I think I have said I am pro-war. I believe that the US has good reason to remove Saddam from power. But going now is not good. I don't know who taught Bush's administration politics, because they should clearly see that going in now is bad politics.

Frankly, The US is not going to be able to finish this "War on terror" alone. Britain is with you now but Blair won't be able to follow the US into Korea. With all this nonsense about "Freedom fries" I won't be surprised if the french actively try to encourage nations to stay out of the war on terror in Korea, Iran or where ever else it might go. Germany is going to help. To me it seems China will have to but they to are against the Iraq war so dispute the fact the N.Korea is their problem they may not.

But my point is that you need to have a fairly big alliance of nations on your side for this. If not you'll have to go though this sort of arguing every time you try to continue this war. And each time your going to add to the number of people world wide that hate your country. The terrorists now are almost all Islamic and from the middle east. But by the time you take care of the rouge nations Bush has in his sights your going to have some of the french and german public against you. A friend told me he heard from CNN that "...certain rogue Russian militia groups will be backing the Iraqis.". Do you think those groups would be as willing to fight against the US if the Russian government were taking an active part in the war on Iraq.

If not for the expense of the troops stationed around Iraq The US could take the time to find a compromise that France, Germany, Russia, and China could all agree with. And you really should have. getting support for later missions is going to be really hard now. And If after Iraq, N.Korea, Iran and more the US is the only country involved every time it will only serve to focus hate at the US. If you had France, Britain, Germany, and others with you every time it will seem like a world war on terror, not a US war on who they deem terrorists.

As apperception said by most accounts the inspectors have been doing a good job. So what's the harm in allowing them to continue their work. Sooner or later France, Germany and the others will see the Saddam is still hiding weapons and then they will be open to the idea of war. Then, you'll have your coalition and continuing the war on terror will be possible. That may still happen if Saddam uses these weapons during the war on American troops but I think he is aware that the use of these weapons on American troops will only increase world support for the invasion of Iraq. Maybe France and Germany will start complaining when he doesn't use the weapons. They'll say Iraq did comply. And once the US gets to Bagdad, what if Saddam move all the weapons out of the contry or worse actually didn't have any. Just think how damaging that would be to the war of terror and the US's relations to France, Germany, and Russia.

And I'd like to point out that world wide the support for this war is 50/50 at best. Only 60 something percent of your country is for the war. So this war doesn't make sense to many.

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