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Who appointed you?
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Who appointed you?

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Posted by 5 ( on March 17, 2003 at 19:16:50:

In Reply to: Stupid commonfolk think they know what's going on posted by The All-Stars ( on March 14, 2003 at 20:22:37:

OK. First I'm fairly certain you qualify as stupid common folk too. Second I don't think I could ever think Iraq will destroy us all. I do read the newspapers. I do agree(now) that Korea's not a bigger problem(because all they really want is corn as you said). Lower gas prices would be good but if Saddam decides to burn that shit again. calling Bush Hitler was more for effect than fact but I guess you missed that even after I said it was to make a point(Plus do you really know what going through Bush's head. Well, one things of sure not much. But what he is thinking could be bad). So you have the power to blow up the world seven times over well good for you. I hope you'll enjoy the planet after it's blown to bits. You on got to blow up the world once why the hell did you all build enough bombs to do it another six times. For something to do afterwards no doubt. I think your enemies are using weapons a little better than spears. And at least the British could find those who they wanted to shoot. Our Booze is better than yours any day and I am sure some of your Yankee buddies would agree on that. I don't think you and Britain could openly take on the world and come out alive(the rest of the world might not either but still). And you said "Oh yea, no ties to any nation. Yea, we bombed Afghanistan because we hated opium. Right." first of all I said no ties to any "one" nation that's a bit different now isn't it. As for your axioms how aboot(that's just a joke. Although, I never have heard another Canadian say that) "With great power, comes great responsibility". Even a comic series like spiderman can understand that. But clearly you don't. Shame.

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